Prometheus: Bonekickers the Motion Picture – Diamanda Hagan

Hagan details the striking parallels between Ridley Scotts Prometheus and The BBCs ‘hit’ show Bonekickers.

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  1. Diamanda, even though Film Brain has a lovely review of it, I’d really like to see you do a review of Prometheus just to hear a new voice bring some alternate criticism to it that isn’t Team Snob’s sheer praise or Brainy’s already (re)watched video essay on it. Plus there are some things he missed and you’re good at making notes of with your smarts.

  2. Snorgatch Pandalume

    I’ve never seen Bonekickers but there do seem to be a lot of glaring similarities, though these may be due to the fact that Bonekickers and Prometheus have similar themes and there are certain character archetypes that fit neatly into those scenarios. For example, take the Indiana Jones movies. Indiana and his dad could be combined into Magwylde (reckless unprofessional conduct combined with belief without evidence). Marcus could be the black guy who counsels common sense and restraint and is blithely ignored. Marion Ravenwood could be the black girl with daddy issues. And both Sullah and Jim Broadbent’s character could be Parton (grizzled, fat, hedonistic).

  3. ShadowWing Tronix

    I remember the Bonekickers reviews and you make a scary good case here.

  4. E. GADS. The parallels are more uncanny than the X-Men!

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