Pulp Fiction – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara finally watches one of Tarantino’s best movies, Pulp Fiction.

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  1. You do know that now you have to watch Joe Dirt, right. I mean you brought the curse upon yourself by mentioning it.

  2. Jackie Brown is awesome. It’s my favorite Tarantino film.

  3. These videos need love counter because of how many times Tamara says that word.

  4. I’m surprised people that haven’t seen Pulp Fiction even exist. Aliens, perhaps?

    • There’s a whole generation out there who hasn’t seen any movies that predate the 21st Century… just read the comments to see proof.

      • Exactly!

        I always find it amusing when friends and family with young kids are wearing stuff from my childhood that they didn’t even know had a version from the 80’s or 90’s! They think TMNT and My Little Pony are new.

    • Never watched all of Pulp Fiction either. A friend tried to show it to me when we were kids… and I fell asleep out of sheer boredom twenty minutes in. I have had 0 desire to try and watch it again.

  5. I never understood all the praise Tarantino get, i think he is way over hyped and Pulp Fiction bored me to sleep

    • Well, he’s an auteur, meaning he makes films with a particular signature style, and it’s not for everyone.

      What I love and respect about him, is that his films rely on character, dialogue, and great performances. In much the same way a classic Martin Scorsese or Sergio Leone film would create epic character pieces punctuated by intense and often violent scenes.

  6. Yep, I haven’t seen Pulp Fiction but I don’t want to in this case because isn’t this the movie with the butt sex or is that some other Quentin Tarantino movie? Even the Kill Bill movies were almost too much for me. Haha. Anyways, I believe you Tamara because except for Back to the Future I haven’t seen any of these movies either.

    • I think the movie you’re thinking of is Killing Zoe.

      Not a Tarantino film, but it kind of feels like one, especially since it stars Pulp Fiction cast member Eric Stoltz. By the way, the scene is really brief and it’s really a film about a heist.

  7. Love Pulp Fiction, easily my favorite Tarantino film!

    Pulp Fiction, Terminator 2, and Wayne’s World were like the awesome movies of my early 90s teenage generation.

    I watched Pulp Fiction again recently, and it holds up so well because you really can’t tell what time period it takes place in. It’s really all about these oddball characters and their intertwined interactions.

  8. thespecialneedsgroup

    I never made the connection between Vincent using heroin, and his constantly being in the bathroom before. I just sort of accepted it as a weird running joke.

    You’re right, though. He abuses opiates, so of course he’d be constipated.

  9. “I’ve just recently been to Europe for the first time…”

    Next week on Tamara’s Never Been…!

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