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The only ones who were punished were the Audience!

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  1. What would be understandable is using knifes as a last resort when you run out of ammo.

  2. If you want to really see a cheesy Dolph Lundgren action movie, I suggest “Army of One”. There’s a gunfight in a chop shop that has to be seen to believed.

    • Also, “Showdown in Little Tokyo,” mostly for the novelty of seeing Brandon Lee in a non-“Crow” role. (Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a better script to deal with.)

  3. It doesn’t seem to be playing the video.

  4. I don’t care, I still love this movie. Seriously, it’s like Rambo meets Batman. Maybe it’s because I never read the comic, but if it wasn’t based on something else it probably would have been better received.

  5. Is Punisher suppose to be a ghost, or zombie, something like that in this movie?

    • On second thought maybe he’s The Crow.

    • I seem to remember there being some figurative death and resurrection themes from a few of the old comics. In essence, Frank Castle – though he survived the attack that killed his family – claims that he is dead, and that the Punisher is all that remains of him.

      Figurative zombie, not literal.

  6. Hooray your back!!!
    All your Dolph Lungren lines, whether jokes or voice over, were brillient!!
    02:34 that’s an old looking Futurama episode (speaking of which, which Blockbuster Buster episode has the clips of Captain Branigan talking about invading the Ghandi nebula on TV?)
    16:57 never heard a man go that high; bravo.
    2247: holy moly!!
    22:59 HOLY MOLY!!!
    23:44 I’ll ignore what your recording

    When did all these special appearences…apear? Also where did your side character’s go? I miss ’em, especially Uatuh (the Watcher)

    Anyway next week: HELL YEAH!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait

    Seems we’re going to have a review of the 1989 Punisherat the begining over every year: neat!

  7. I think the problem with the movie is the timing of it’s release. Coming out in the late 80s/early 90s it was basically a death sentence, since the era was filled to the brim with vigilante action movies and cheesy action movies in general. Even if it was more faithful to the comics I doubt it would help it’s case. At the end of the day Punisher is for the most part a psychologically scarred criminal killing machine, and especially in the MAX line of comics, rarely is shown any more than that.

  8. Um…where did you get the name Jack Brubaker? The name of Louis Gossett Jr.’s character is Jake Berkowitz.

  9. Honestly I Love this movie and I’m a Punisher fan and I know other Punisher fans that love this movie. IS it cheesy yeah but it’s fun I don’t get the hate.

  10. you just said the guy makes a good frank castle .. shouldn’t that be enough reason for fans of the punisher to check it out? even if they just consider it an elsewhere story ?

  11. STILL cannot see Erod’s videos here. This is the third week straight.

  12. Erod scared to admit how nice Dolph’s buttocks are. XP

  13. Nah, dude, Dolph doesn’t have the right look for cable.

  14. Hm, sad you didn’t use Junkie XL’s Maximum Effort at the end 🙁

  15. I don’t care what anyone says. The 1989 Punisher flick was decent and enjoyable. At least as far as 80’s, gritty, low-budget action movies go.

    Despite its problems, this one definitely has a certain charm to it, and the action scenes not too bad either.

  16. I’ve never been a fan of the Punisher. Too dark for me personally. Although, I hope that you Punisher fans can finally get what you want in Daredevil Season 2. LOL.

  17. Pretty good review, but that ending. LOL. Truly hilarious.
    Do all the DVDs have to be booby trapped though? awesome as Deadpool or DeadRod is, its a little old that every dvd is trapped, maybe a few not trapped and then one thatis super-trapped to catch you off guard.

  18. You have LITERALLY only yourself to blame for requests to review those movies after giving them a stupid catchy nickname that NOBODY ELSE USES.

  19. When Erod talks about ‘Jem and the Holograms’ I hope he does at least a partial review of the ‘Jem’ show from the 80’s. Despite not being all that believable, even in its own universe, at least the show had good production values and was more entertaining than ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’. If the old show had been tweaked a little more at the start it could have lasted longer than it did.

    Great video, Erod.

  20. I’d like to punish dat ass :0 Damn you ERod for putting that skull there.

  21. Hey, you actually made some effort on your narration voice. Still no perfect, but kudos !
    Very nice review. Keep it up !

  22. God i hate dailymotion, the worst player in existence

  23. I was enjoying the review up until the moment of Lady Tanaka’s bodyguard went up against the Punisher. What came out of Erod’s mouth was, to put it bluntly, sexist dribble. Power equals mass times speed, meaning a conditioned woman would have roughly the same amount of power using a martial art as a conditioned man of similar height and weight. I know this young woman was going up against the 6’5 253lb Lundgren, and while there is no information on this actress I can find, I would put her height and weight at around 5’5-5’6 130-140lbs, so Erod’s rant is justified, right?

    Would Erod have drawn attention to the sex of the character if it was a smaller man of similar size? Would he have still rolled his eyes and lambasted as such? Jet Li is 5’6 146lbs. Jackie Chan is 5’7 165. Bruce Lee is 5’7 123lbs. If any of these men were the bodyguard would Erod had mentioned body size and gone off? What if a smaller unknown man was the bodyguard instead? The reaction would have been, “Ah yeah! Time for a kick-ass fight scene!” Because when has size ever kept Jackie Chan, Jet Li, or Bruce Lee back? Haven’t they overcome size advantage over and over again in their films? Not one sodding person said “Nope, with that size difference there’s no way that little guy can win.” So we know size doesn’t matter when it’s men vs men, but suddenly one character has a vagina and it’s magically a hopeless fight. This, Mr. Erod is the very definition of sexist.

    Could you not have judged the fight based on how the character performed? Her technique? How intense the fight was on a whole? You glossed over the entire fight because the hero’s opponent was a woman, and in your mind this meant she wasn’t capable of standing even the remotest of chances. Your entire suspension of disbelief was shattered because it was a woman and this would not have been the case if it were a man. I know you tried saving it by calling to attention “women who could give him a run for his money,” Not win mind you, but maybe give some sort of challenge, and all this did was make you look worse.

    Please, Mr. Erod, in the future check back on your rants and see if you’d be making them if the character you have doubts about had a penis. I know you’re not a bad person, but what bothered you about the scene was exclusively the sex of an individual, as you would not have doubted a man of equal size in the same roll. This isn’t the first time you’ve slipped with rather sexist comments toward female characters, and when you do, it’s very disappointing.

    I look forward to your next review.

  24. You know, if you just look at this as less a Marvel Studios production and more like a buried documentary of a crazy and homeless Dolph Lundgren hiding out in the sewers and going on a shooting spree in Florida in the 80s and Marvel just slapping a Punisher sticker to the cover art, it’s actually pretty decent. Plus it’ll validate him not wearing the Skull shirt in the movie.

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