Punk Rock Holocaust – Golden Cheese

Filmed entirely on location at the Warped Tour, this movie is about the murder of hundreds of stupid disinterested kids while nobody apparently notices or cares.

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From multiple-personality assassins fighting exploding zombie clowns to computerized Kabuki dancers who attack robots with their hair, Tom "Heisanevilgenius" White struggles to make sense of the brain-scabbing insanity that can be found in video games. If it's weird and it's a video game, count on Tom to be the lone intrepid adventurer to step forward and make fun of it.

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3 Comments on "Punk Rock Holocaust – Golden Cheese"


Oh man, I must admit I laughed pretty hard when the guy fell off the climbing wall and his body folded over that railing on impact.


ello, great video, it was great when i saw it the last time, and the time before. ya think maybe ya should finally make something new

Moon Spirit

Oh hey, I thought this show was canned. I was wrong, it was taking a sabbatical.