Suede: R-Rated Blood And PG Decapitations

Has anyone else noticed that most ratings systems are, well, stupid? What can we do to improve it, and how could we possibly even implement the changes?

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  1. The rating system is very carefully controlled by the film studios and used as a marketing tool. Frozen got a PG rating because Disney wanted their movie to appear a little bit more “adult” than what most people think a G-rating implies, but not too adult that it couldn’t count as a family movie (PG-13). The rating system is basically the most abused marketing tool in the media industry today, showing no concern for what a film should actually be rated, but every concern for what the rating does to the marketing scheme. And it’s frequently used to stamp down on independent films. Many independent films get R or X ratings when the same content in the mainstream films gets a PG-13 rating, because the anything R or above tends to lose money because there are a lot of people who won’t go to them. And if they can get away with giving it an X-rating (deserved or not), it means that most theaters won’t even *show* the movie.

    In short, the film rating system is utter garbage.

  2. Here in Aus we just have the following rating from the ACB (formerly OFLC Aus) for all movies, shows, books & video games:
    G – Anybody can obtain this and consume it.
    PG (15) – There ~MIGHT~ be something in here that not everyone (under 15) can handle so parental guidance is recommended.
    M (15) – Not suggested for those under 15 due to Mature themes (particularly ones dealing with mild swearing, violence and sex/gender understanding).
    MA 15 – Legally restricted to those 15 and above due to moderate swearing, violence or sexual undertones.
    R 18 – Legally restricted to those 18 and above due to HEAVY swearing, violence and/or sexual undertones.
    X 18 – Porn. pure and simple. Video games that would be placed in here are Refused Classification instead.


    1984’s The Terminator was originally rated as R-18+ here in Australia, but over the years the rating for it has slipped down to a MA-15+ whilst the sequels (and possibly TV series) sit at either M or MA, depending on the violence and gore-factor involved in them.

    Power Rangers on the flip-side (all 20+ years of it) has kept a solid PG (15) due to the action of fights and Zord battles, whilst story-wise the day-to-day conent of the plots is really only a G popping up to PG for the occasional ‘heavy’ theme such as Kendrix’s (self-sacrifice) death, Kruger’s species being annihilated or Cole’s parents being murdered in the Amazon by their “friend” and co-worker (who became the Big Bad for Wild Force) out of his jealousy.

    Then again, during the run of Thomas the Tank Engine (at least upto the CGI-era, can’t speak for the newer stuff) the show has kept a constant G rating whilst there’s plenty of stories in both the books and shows about how out-of-date Engines get cut up for Scrap as a metaphor for Death (the Scrapper’s Yard being Purgatory in the metaphors). You gotta admit for a world of SAPIENT and TALKING trains, being sent to the Scrapper’s Yard is basically sending them to their DEATH!
    And yet, almost nobody talks about that handy little plot point when it comes to rating the books and shows as that’s something not even Power Rangers with its higher rating really talks about outside of things like “going to the Spirit World”, and “destruction of the monsters” .

  3. I’m from germany, and we have a different rating system here, but its equally stupid. Movies are classified with different age restrictions and only someone at this age or older (and in some cases, with a parent) can see the movie in theater or buy it. This rating also regulates the time when movies can be shown on television.The groups are 0, 6, 12, 16 and 18 years old, with most mainstream movies being at 16 max.

    Video games use exactly the same classification system like movies, but the classifications are a lot weirder here. I often got the feeling that video games would get a higher rating a lot faster than movies, despite dealing with the same topic and an equal amount of violence, and while censorship rarely occurs with movies in germany today, video games get censored a lot more often, because they are not considered “art” by legal definition. But censorship is a different topic…

    The idea of using QR-Codes instead sounds reasonable to me, but i don’t think we will see a reasonable rating system in the near future.

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