Rantasmo: Frozen Needs More Gay

Rantasmo examines the LGBT parallels in Disney’s Frozen, and why catharsis isn’t enough.

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  1. Yes! Bravo! Thank you! I am so tired of people acting like possible subtext is the same as legit canon “text,” and that Disney did something brave by doing something that COULD be construed as a metaphor… but also might not. Save the praise for something that is brave enough to actually include real content rather than playing it safe. And I somehow doubt Disney will stop playing it safe. They’re all about the money, and embracing LGBT people openly might cost them money.

    And you make good points about the catharsis and why, while important, it’s only a part of what can make you ultimately happy.

    Also, I agree with you also about the “everybody should completely come out and tell everyone what their orientation is!” It’s not only a slippery slope to insist that everyone should tell the world about their sexuality, regardless of safety and the essentials for life, but it ultimately denies people the freedom to choose what personal aspects of themselves they reveal, when, and how. As in, if Tom Hardy wants to define himself as bisexual, let him or not in his own time.

    (I’m also tired of Tumblrites praising Frozen for defying the tropes that DISNEY CREATED. Why don’t they teach logic in these schools?!)

    • Isn’t the fact that a new Disney movie is defying older Disney tropes that have gone out of style worth celebrating? It’s the same reason we’re happy our racist grandpa finally agreed to accept his grandchild’s biracial wedding.

      I was going to go with “homophobic” and the more obvious parallel, but it seemed a bit too on-the-nose to be a serviceable analogy here.

    • “embracing LGBT people openly might cost them money”

      That doesn’t stop them from having ‘gay days’ at their parks. They company is actually already pretty supportive of the LGBT community. But granted, more of that support could stand to leak into their movies.

    • The one thing that makes me squirm at Frozen is actually its gender roles and politics. I’m not fond of the fact that we have at least two male villains, and several male idiot comic relief characters (the moose, the snowman, Kristoff, probably most of the rock creatures). The only real positive male character here is Kristoff, who ends up in the pointless role of ‘royal ice supplier’ in a kingdom with literally no shortage of ice. You might not see any of this as a problem, but think about it like this – we have a film that is teaching young girls that men are either nice idiots to be used and discarded, or completely evil. I’m also not keen on the ‘princess’ concept generally since it teaches entitlement, but I did really like that the princesses in this film went out and did things for themselves instead of being like other Disney princesses and relying totally on the help of others.

  2. I had trouble focusing on what your saying because your calico beard kept distracting me.

  3. Yes, well said! I really doubt Disney will stop playing it so safe, but if they do I do hope they give Elsa a female love interest or not give her one at all and let us have our head-canons.

  4. Personally, I’m okay with the idea of Elsa being asexual and not gaining a love interest at all. I really can’t explain why, but it feels right to me.

    I enjoyed the Frozen arc in Once Upon a Time; with their universe expanded upon in the show, I wish that it’s canon in the Disney animated universe (mostly because I want to see Ingrid again!)

    Also, it seems like Let It Go is the unofficial LGBTQ anthem in Japan. That song was played during a public mass gay wedding over there!

    • I agree with you about Elsa being asexual being cool and neat idea. Not only would she be an example of a female character that never gets a romantic lead (unless it was a purely romantic relationship of course) but it’d bring some actual representation to asexuals out there.

      I’m really just hoping that she stays single in the sequel.

  5. I’m not certain, but I believe I’ve heard that the writers spoke of making Elsa a parallel for people with Autism. That said, you can read a lot of different parallels and metaphors into her character. I’ve heard people make comparisons to Autism, LGBTQ, Social Anxiety, Depression, and a host of other things. I think that speaks of a certain universality of her story. There are many, many different issues that can cause a person to hide away their true nature until they feel trapped and desperate. And always the answer is to find support from people who love you.

  6. Yes, there are some gay subtexts there between Anna and Elsa, however there is a further underlying subtext there, the two of them are sisters so the movie is not only pro-lesbian it’s also pro-incest. Now try to wrap your head around that one and try to not just enjoy it for what it is, a musical kids film that has a great story about a sister who enlists a hot guy, and a snow man and her sister to fight against a hot guy, a snow man, and her sister.

    • That’s insane. That’s like trying to marry your adopted son to a girl you’ve just met. That’s insane troll logic.

      Even if Elsa is a lesbian, that doesn’t make Anna one. Even if they’re both lesbians, that doesn’t mean they’re together. And even though they do love each other, the only thing saying it’s not the love between two dear sisters who miss each other very much is that pair of ship-shaded* goggles you have on your head.


      • Just pointing out what territory any gay subtexts read into the movie would be going. It’s interesting to see how many people don’t see that, or did you not catch the last part about not reading into anything and just enjoying the movie as is?

    • Why is it every time two siblings in a story care about the well being of the other it’s assumed there’s a physical attraction between them? Did you grow up in a particularly pervy family or something?

      • Just pointing out what territory any gay subtexts read into the movie would also be leading into. It’s interesting how many people don’t see that, or did you not catch the last part in my post about not reading too much into the movie and just enjoying it as is?

    • If you make things up out of wholecloth, you can find all SORTS of way to try to get people to not think and have conversations about things. Besides, this isn’t Sailor Moon.

      • You mean where in the dub they made a lesbian couple cousins instead even though there is literally no blood relation between them just so that the topic of lesbians isn’t brought up? No, my comment was just to bring attention to those that are screaming for there to be more gay based on the act of pure love that saved Anna not being a kiss but rather her saving her sister and assuming it means they are gay and/or in love also leads into incest, of course people seem to miss the last part of my post where I literally say “don’t read too much into things and just enjoy the movie for what it is” which is a great kids film whose villain and hero line up are essentially the same but deviates from the typical princess movie formula.

    • @goblin scirbe @theskard1, Bravo on missing the last sentence of my post and making a fool out of yourselves, Bravo *golf clap* now wipe that embarrassment off your face over being caught red handed not reading the whole post to understand what I was pointing out and start reading the entirety of what people write to avoid embarrassing yourselves in the future. Oh and just to reiterate since you obviously missed it last time, try not to read too much into a movie like Frozen and just enjoy it for what it is.

  7. *Obligatory “overrated” post*

    Just kidding. Frozen is underrated. ;P

  8. Please please review Hannibal!!! They state that they are “in love”!!!! Plus those cheekbones though!

  9. “I’m a tad iffy on the idea of mental-illness being romanticized as some magical gift.”
    Well, I don’t know about the magical bit, but I have a new mission as a writer. Right after I make an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast that’s on-par with Disney’s. With more stuff blowing up.

  10. I had a discussion with someone about how I felt the movie was nice* but I wasn’t amazed as I found myself distracted by little details. The height of it was when I kinda flipped out on her (sorry Zharia!) for telling someone who had just joined us (with a dismissive wave of her hand) that I just ‘didn’t get it’. She told me that the problems I had with the movie ‘requires suspension of disbelief’. (*Seriously, I DID like the movie, I just didn’t think it was freakin amazing.)

    Well I’m sorry honey, but that’s NOT what that’s for. SoD lets me believe that a woman has ice powers or that a snowman can talk. It’s not supposed to be used to cover plot holes and sloppy writing!

    Heh, sorry. Not totally focused on the actually point of this video but I needed a little rant. 😛

  11. Giovanni Romanelli

    Soooo, was I the only one that truly thought by the mid-point of the movie that it would all end in incest?
    Towards the end I noticed it was never going to happen, but it would be amazing.

  12. Giovanni Romanelli

    Let It Go is also a slower tempo version of Hakuna Matata.

    It is!

  13. I think you contradicted yourself from an earlier video. Previously you said it was wrong to accuse transgender people of being deceptive for trying to pass themselves off as something are not. This time you said not telling people what your orientation is can feel like lying to them. The former is intentionally giving people a false impression, the latter is not correcting someone for making an erroneous assumption.

    Why is there the need to “come out” and have people recognize you for what you’re attracted to?
    It doesn’t work that why when someone is attracted to other things. Whether you’re aroused by feet, or ear lobes, etc… only your partner needs to know about that. But if you’re attracted to same gender it’s accompanied by a need to have others celebrate it? Maybe you have other issues.

    Generally people want to think of themselves as complex beings, not recognized for a single defining trait. This video makes it sound like gay people only want to be known for their orientation.

    • He’s not contradicting himself. He said that it’s wrong for others to accuse transgender people of being deceptive, here he’s saying that once you accept yourself for being gay it can feel like lying be concealing that facet of yourself (even though you may have to in order to avoid discrimination).

      Why is there a need to “come out” you ask? Simple, because there is a stigma against homosexuality that doesn’t apply to any of the other things you’ve listed, and LGBT+ individuals can face discrimination, and even outright violence by being open about who they are, so for them coming out takes exceptional bravery.

      • If you want to get rid of the stigma toward being gay then stop treating it as special. There is no stigma against the other things I listed because there are also no “Frozen needs more feet” videos, for example.

        Let me google that just to make sure.
        Turns out there is some overlap in the form of an Elsa foot doctor game.

        Point being, people don’t frequently discuss their attraction to feet with people they aren’t intimately involved with. Doing that would be rather weird and creepy. Why wouldn’t the same apply just because instead of being attracted to feet the person is gay?

        Some things are meant to be private. In a normal social interaction telling someone something private, such as what turns you on, tends be taken as an attempt to become intimately involved with the person you are telling it to if you’re not already. It’s actually viewed as quite socially inappropriate if the person you tell wasn’t interested in knowing that about you.

        • I love when bigots such as yourself equate sexuality with fetishes. The lack of empathy is almost hilarious in and of itself, but these little details are the cherry on the cake.

          • So what is the difference? Apparently I don’t understand something that you do. Am I a bigot for not understanding something or are you just arrogant for assuming I’m a bigot? If I’m wrong I’m willing to consider how.

            Why should I have empathy? I don’t think being gay gives people a free pass. They have to live in society and follow the same rules everyone else does. It’s not okay for straight people to announce what they are attracted to. Therefore it’s not okay for gay people to do it either. But they feel that when they do, it should be celebrated?

          • – Fetishes are just things you find attractive. Sexuality is not only your whole sexual spectrum, but the romantic one as well. And saying those things are irrelevant, when society drives people to be dictated by sexuality (i.e. fanservice, machism, et cetera) is at best dilusional.

            A) “Don’t get a free pass”? As in what? Straight people shove half-naked women in children’s television, straight people can kiss in public, straight people are not told to “go back in the closet”.

            B) You’re asking why you should have empathy, while your basic argument is based on normalcy. This is rich.

          • 1- I wouldn’t say irrelevant but beside the point. If you are attracted to men you will seek out a romantic partner that is a man. If you are attracted to women you will seek out a romantic partner that is a woman. If you are attracted to big butts you will seek out a romantic partner that has a big butt.

            A) Your mistake is thinking television reflects how people act in real life. Half-naked women in children’s television is considered inappropriate by straight people too. Straight people kissing in public are told to get a room. Sure a room has better accommodations than a closet but it’s still not tolerated as much as you suggest it is.

            By “get a free pass” I mean a gay man talking about his attraction to men is the same as a straight man talking about a celebrities big butt while on lunch break at work. Other straight people think that guy is a low life. His attraction to that celebrities big butt may make him different from his coworkers but it certainly is not something to be celebrated.

            B) The basis of my argument is that gay people should be treated no differently than straight people. The corollary to that is if a gay person is doing something that is inappropriate for a straight person to do they should be called out on it just like a straight person would. And despite what you might see on television real straight people don’t just announce who or what they’re attracted to.

          • “Why should I have empathy?”
            The computer-reared post-Millennial mindset in a nutshell. Even says the exact words, because there’s no concept of shame when your parents failed THAT badly at the most basic levels of socializing their special little darling.

          • If a straight couple kiss and say they love each other, nobody besides a lame, ’80s sitcom child tells them to get a room. If they go at it so hard one swallows a contact lens in a public bus, that’s a completely different social norm being broken. If any time somebody mentions they’re gay, you think that’s as inappropriate as straight people breaking out the whips and nipple cramps, it’s mostly just you being weird and creepy.

            Only horrible idiots think they get punished for “acting straight.”

          • Clamps. Dammit, lack of editing. Nipple cramps are probably fine as long as you’re not intentionally causing them in public or outside consent.

          • @ mr_rubino

            You assumes I was raised by my parents. I mention this not because it feels like lying to let you assume otherwise but because your argument flawed because of that assumption. Now if you think my conclusion or the reasoning that lead to that conclusion are flawed due to a lack of compassion I’m willing to consider a well formed argument which demonstrates that.

            Also my upbringing made me very well acquainted with the concept of shame. I was raised by my catholic grandparents until family court put me foster care.

          • The problem is you don’t feel shame assigning it where it doesn’t belong. You just gave us private information about your unusual upbringing. If I were a more terrible person, I’d tell you that’s disgusting and you needed to keep your abnormal, broken family to yourself. It’s something to be ashamed of and only brought up between people who are intimate, and you don’t deserve such special treatment. Would that make me bigoted against non-traditional upbringings, equating them to shameful family secrets? You tell me.

            But since I’m vaguely less evil, I can see it’s just basic information about you to help explain your stance. Now, keep in mind it’s hard for a gay person to meet another like them who shares their feelings, unless both know each other’s orientation. They’re only giving basic information while you say it’s gross.

          • And then I scrolled down and wish I had been more evil. I honestly did not expect you to be grosser than the overthetop parody of a sociopathic monster I threw together on the spot. In theory that should be hard to do but you make it look so effortless.

          • @ cannedfury

            I don’t think that does make you bigoted against non-traditional upbringing. I think you raise very valid points about sharing private information and who I should share it with.

            The only reason I posted that was to point out the inaccuracy of mr_rubino’s statement and how his argument was flawed because of it.

            As for gross, I don’t know what you’re referring to.

          • No, the point was whether you should feel disgust learning completely normal things about other human beings and if you should feel bad for treating them like social lepers. You are drifting further and further away from the human emotional spectrum. Which is why I’m not surprised you don’t know what disgust I’m referring to.

            The only two questions now are how long as has your species been infiltrating our society, and how do they maintain the skin suits?

          • My species didn’t infiltrate anything. Your emotional spectrum is the side effect of a disease that we’re immune to. Your kind went mad from the aspergillus outbreak and you ignored that we were even there as you built your cities around us.

          • You realize even you describe yourself as a soulless Lovecraftian atrocity, right? I’m sorry we didn’t notice your sealed caverns of cancerous horror below our cities, Mr. Polyp. We swear we never even knew about you or your grudge against the Great Race of Yith. Please stop slithering past the elder signs as we have yet to accept empathy is an illusion as fleeting as hope in the court of the Demon Sultan Azathoth.

            Also your attempt to mimic human behavior based on Reagan Era television was both terrifying and sad. That is a bootleg product that needs to go away.

          • People like me are instantly labeled as homophobes so I will start from some explanations. For me concept of more gay doesn’t make sense because even in Poland where I live I never seen any aggression towards gay people but, I still hear it all the time that “we need more gay”. I worked with homosexual person and I havent seen any discrimination towards him. If any one would like to do so I would defend him because it would be just not right. But what really makes us “homofobs”? Isn’t it unwillingnes to accept forcing us not to tolerate but rather to admire homosexuality? Lets look at gay pardes. What is really gay parade? It is a way of forcing others to look at your sexuality often presented in very expresive and viewed by heterosexual peoples as offensive and immoral way.
            So I will ask a simple question where is theirs empathy?
            So I guess we must accept it and worship them for theirs “caurage” while they dont have to care about our fellings at all?
            Tolerance should be understending of both sides feelings and not hurting it. Not about forcing ones to admire others and allowing them only because they are different to hurt others people feelings.
            I understand that it can be difficult to tell family that you are gay and if someone will do it they might fell so relief and sensation of freedom that they want to tell it to everyone but guess what we don’t care we don’t want to know your sex orientation. Since when simple decency became homophobia?
            Now it is barely about tolerance and accepting gay people it is rather about willingness of some gay peoples to be admired not for who they are but for what is theirs sexual orientation.

          • No, it’s just people who start their claim with a variant of “I’m not a racist/homophobe, but…” who tend to be spotted as just that. Especially if they signed up to a forum to tell us about their black/gay friend they have never seen discriminated. And then spend a lot of time explaining why minorities are gross. And the real problem is people don’t tolerate intolerance enough because that hurts hate groups’ feelings. And… it’s like there’s more here than I could ever cover.

            I guess we’ll never know why people like you are considered grosser than a street full of thrusting mankinis.

      • So a man who is attracted to other men is gay. But a man who is transgender and attracted to other men wants other people to think of them as a straight woman. Isn’t that what he described in this video as feeling like lying about ones orientation?

        • I frankly don’t see what point you’re making here. A trans guy is obviously going to want to think of himself as a guy, and if he’s gay he clearly identify himself a a man attracted to other men.

          • You clearly failed your roll on reading comprehension. He said not telling people feels like lying about who you are. In contrast he said in an earlier video that transgender people are not being deceptive. So why does not telling people feel like lying yet passing oneself off as another gender and another orientation wouldn’t be lying?

            As I understand it a “trans guy” is someone who wants to thought of as a woman. And if he’s gay then as a woman that would make him appear straight.

        • Hello! I think you’re unclear on some terminology here. A transgender man is someone who identifies as a man, but was assigned another gender at birth (female, typically). When he tells people that he’s a man, that’s not lying, because that’s what he is. A man.

          Treating gay and straight people “equally” in the way you’re describing doesn’t really work because straight people have a huge advantage: they are the societal default. We generally assume that people are heterosexual until they say otherwise, which is why a heterosexual person never needs to say “Mom, Dad, I’m straight.” So when someone says “I am gay,” all they’re doing is correcting that assumption, something that straight people have no need to do because so much of our society is geared toward reinforcing heterosexuality as the default, “normal” option.

          When people assumed I was straight and I didn’t correct them, that felt like lying to me. But understand this: if a transgender woman doesn’t correct the people who think that they’re men, I’m betting that feels a lot like lying to them, too.

          • “A transgender man is someone who identifies as a man, but was assigned another gender at birth”

            I meant the opposite. That’s why I described such a person as a man first and transgender second.

            “When he tells people that he’s a man, that’s not lying, because that’s what he is. A man.”

            That’s what the person believes, but someone may believe they are a T-Rex and thus aren’t lying when he tells people he is a T-Rex. That doesn’t make him a T-Rex.

            “Treating gay and straight people “equally” in the way you’re describing doesn’t really work because straight people have a huge advantage”

            I think there was a quote from Dr. House about even if people are exceptional they still have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

  14. who cares if stuff is gay or straight. dumb.

    • People who aren’t sociopaths like you.

      • Yeah, I’m a psycho because I don’t want to sexualize everything. Get real.

        • I love how you not only actually are stupid enough to think homosexuality is inherently more sexual than heterosexuality, but how you further undermine yourself and illustrate my point.

          You have no empathy, you don’t understand love, you don’t apreciate things that actually make human beings special. All because you’re motivated by hatred (and/or your own insecurities)

          • You can love without worrying about boundaries such as gay or straight. There are more types of love than sexual attraction. You are showing your narrow-mindedness by thinking that homosexuality/heterosexuality need to be compared.

          • Lovely, showing further that you can’t understand how romantic love – or any sort of human relationship – operates. Tell me, are you going to vent your romantic feelings on your brother? Because that is exactly what you’re implying.

            I’m not one to quote the falliable “four loves”, but there’s an obvious difference between romance, friendship, family, et cetera, to the point that I wonder if you ever experienced any.

      • LOL Falconfly, it is time to take your medicine. hahaa

  15. Could this video be anymore pointless?

  16. A lot of people care if stuff is gay or straight. Sorry people, but unfortunately we don’t live in a world where people will just accept you for who you are. Racism and bigotry are still a big part of a culture. While our differences make us all special they still separate us. And unlike the late/great John Lennon we can’t imagine things like race, religion, creed, color, or sexual orientation don’t exist. We must live with ourselves, we must live with the fact that our life experiences make us all different. A person raised Roman catholic might never learn to see the world the way a Muslim might. A straight parent might never understand a a gay child. Opening a dialog is important because it his here here posing sides can meet. I will say this I may not be gay, but there is nothing in this video that I do not agree with.

  17. Wow, Rantasmo. That was one amazing review. I’ll admit something. I’m a conservative Republican, though not religious. Your reviews always grab me. You aren’t consumed with hatred toward “bigots” or “homophobes”, you just state a case. And in EVERY case I have seen so far, you nail it dead on, in a non-offensive manner. Frozen is very much about being who you are. I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I took “frozen” in much the same way you did. I don’t know what Disney intends to do in a sequel (And Christ, I hope there is no sequel. The best disney movies have no theatrical sequels.) But your point on Frozen is well taken and only helps to open my mind to what your side of the aisle is thinking. I’d consider you a friend. I don’t know if you’s consider me as such. It’s that king of dialogue that closes gaps, not diatribe between people calling each other names.

    • Well what about the Rescuers? They had theatrically released sequel that was BETTER than the original. You heard me right, a Disney sequel, that was actually better than the first movie. So I’m actually really curious to see what they can do with the sequel (which is actually confirmed by the way).

  18. Wasting time analyzing possible gay themes you wish existed in movies and whatnot. Find a girlfriend, penis breath!

    • I love how you openly admit to not have watched the video. Afraid?

      • More like disgusted at the title. Ya think I wanna read something that says so and so needs more poo-jabbing?

        • Then why comment here at all, if rational argumentation sickens you so much?

          • Ironically I agree with you about this. If you just want your views reinforced and there is no room for discussion or debate with you on those views then why did you click on this video? Why read the comments? Why leave a comment?

            I may not agree with Rantasmo. But I see the video as an attempt to examine an issue and let people have an open discussion about it.

            Though I feel I should point out that name calling doesn’t assist with that goal.

        • Light, I am going to take this time to dissect your comment and show you how worthless it was.

          A) “More like disgusted at the title.” – It’s only a title, and not even a title about fucking dogs or eating shit. You’re DISGUSTED? Get help.

          B) “Ya think I wanna read something…” – Nobody ever said they thought you wanted to read it. It exists not for you but for those who DO want to read it. Do you get so agitated whenever you see ANYTHING that doesn’t personally interest you? Do you barge into Starbuck’s and scream about the awfulness of the Starbuck’s sign because you don’t care about coffee? Pathetic on every level. And you didn’t want to read it but you clicked on it anyway. Why? Get a grip.

          C) “… so and so needs more poo-jabbing” – Firstly, this demonstrates a complete failure to understand that “homosexuality” and “anal sex” are two completely different things. Lastly, this demonstrates a complete failure to understand some basic things about hygiene. Anal sex, even if performed in a homosexual context, is not “poo-jabbing” so long as the participants to clean themselves in preparation for it.

    • It’s because of people like you that nobody can have nice things, “Light”. Yeah, right. You should check that darkness in your heart, homophobia isn’t exactly something I’d associate to light.

      Videos like Rantasmo’s are there to offer new perspectives on works of fiction, and you are free to politely agree or disagree with them. What you did was not “politely disagreeing”. And there is no place for such language here.

      Life would be so easy if everyone was accepted for who they are.

      As for the actual content of the video, I had read about Let It Go being applied to any kind of secrets that people are often forced to hide from the people around them. It makes sense that it gets applied to homosexuality. As for Elsa being asexual, as some people suggested, why not?

  19. The Angry Engineer

    My only problem with people going on with their “Gay/Lesbian Metaphors” with Frozen is when they center on Elsa and Anna’s love for one another. Its always like;
    “OMG! Elsa broke the spell because she LOVES Anna! Anna just said she Loves Elsa!!! That’s TOTALLY a lesbian theme!”

    No…NO! Family love is not the same as Gay Love. That’s basically saying that siblings can’t love one another just because they are the same sex. Isn’t it the base emotion in a loving family to have self sacrifice and willingness to love and forgive one another? To mourn the loss of a family member because you loved them and shared a bond?

    Elsa was expressing great guilt and grief because, yes, she does love her sister, and she knew it was her fault that Anna was cursed with the frozen heart that turned her into ice. Basically, she believed she killed her only sister and family. When you mourn, your love for that person is pouring out of you in great waves. It doesn’t have to be the love that you have with a lover. It is the love for your friends and family as well.

    So, if two siblings of the same sex tell each other that they love one another equals “Gay/Lesbian Theme”….
    Is it lesbian love when a mother says she loves her daughter?
    Is it gay love when a father says he loves his son?
    That would be like saying that a Father who loves and raises his daughter is automatically a pedophile.
    Or a mother who loves and raises her son is an incestual whore.

    People are sending the wrong message when they focus on the fact that the sisters admitting that they love each other is a message of lesbianism. That’s basically denouncing the existence of love of family and love of friendship, which in in their own rights, are their own forms of love.
    I love my sister. But I don’t want to make her my lover.

    • The movie was based on a story whose main characters are lovers not siblings. The movie also takes a lot of cues from beauty and the beast like stories which are almost always romances. Anna shields Elsa from death similar to how Pocahontas shields John Smith from death. Whether you like it or not there is romantic subtext in their relationship. Unintentional but it is there

      • The Angry Engineer

        Yes, the original story of the Snow Queen was about two unrelated persons. you would also notice that Frozen didn’t follow the original Hans Christian Anderson’s story…at all.
        Disney was looking to do something different with Frozen. They didn’t follow the taboo of “Pretty Princess gets saved by the love of the Handsome Prince and they live happily ever after.” Heck, they even plugged that joke during the movie itself when Kristoff made fun of Anna for her whole “Getting married the night she met her “True Love”.

        But the love that is shared between siblings is not meant to emulate the love between lovers. As I mentioned, Family love is different from Loving your lover. And I seriously don’t think that was intended by Disney, nor should it be really seen that way.

        Its like promoting that incest is acceptable if you and your sibling are the same sex, but it is not acceptable if a brother sleeps with his sister.

        Do you see what I am implying here?

        I have plenty of gay and lesbian friends, and you know what they say? They would not, in a million years, ever consider sleeping with their own sibling. Same sex or not.

        • They advertised the movie as being based/inspired by the snow queen, comparisons are going to be made to the source material. I agree that familial love is not the same as romantic love. I agree that disney did not intend for that interpretation. However, unintentional or not they did give their relationship romantic undertones throughout the film and short story (hand holding, commenting on the other’s beauty, etc).

          • The Angry Engineer

            So…you’ve never held hands with your siblings? Ot family members of the same sex?
            You’ve never told your sister/brother that they look beautiful/handsome/good/great/? Never given them a compliment in their life?

            Or were you an only child?

            You see…I really don’t think you really understand the differences of Familial Love versus Romantic Love if you think that these simple interactions between family members is not at all the same as romantic hand holding, and compliments with a lover.

            I’ve told my sister that she is beautiful. It makes her happy to recieve this compliment. I’ve told my mother she is beautiful. I tell my nieces they are beautiful. I am not imagining that they are so pretty that I desire them sexually.

            I’ve held hands with my sister AND my mother, AND my nieces on many occasions. Not ONCE have I thought about; “God, I love you so much, I want to make love to you!”

            I’ve kissed my Mom, my sister, and my nieces to tell them that I love them and to say goodbye. Never do I dream of making out with any of them.

            If you have any friends who are gay or lesbian, why don’y you ask them? Ask them if they have ever fantasized romantically about their siblings. I bet you they will answer the same as me and all my gay and lesbian friends.

            NOT in a million years.

            Ask them if they think that the relationship between the sisters in Frozen is meant to, even indirectly, portray a romantic relationship between them?
            Again, chances are they will also answer the same as my friends and I;
            No, they are just being sisters, as a loving supportive family should.

            People who are Gay or Lesbian do have standards and morals, just like everyone else, and it is just as equally recognized that the love of family is not the same as loving your lover. In fact, most heterosexual siblings have a higher chance of committing incest on, or even sexually assault, their opposite sex (and usually younger) siblings than a sibling who is gay or lesbian on their same sex sibling.
            To be honest, I would say gay or lesbian siblings hold this moral to an even higher standard.

            If you are so certain that the love and interaction that is portrayed between Elsa and Anna is something romantic and not innocent enough to be just sisters showing that they are caring and supportive of each other, then maybe you should reflect on your relationship with your own siblings (Or same sex family members, if you’re an only child)?

            Or better yet, Let’s ask Rantasmo!

            Rantasmo! Do you think that the relationship and interactions between Elsa and Anna was meant to portray a loving romance between the sisters?
            Or did you view it as just sisters being as siblings, with familial love and support?
            Would you ever share romantic feelings with your same sex sibling, Rantasmo?

          • Yes I have held hands with family members and complimented their appearance on occasion but not in the same manner as the characters in this film. The way a family member says I love you is different from how a lover would say I love you. To a lot of people, their actions and words have hints of the latter. The term for it is ho yay or les yay, behavior that can be interpreted as homoerotic.

    • I love how you spout crap without actually watching the video. Too scared to enlighten yourself?

      • The Angry Engineer

        Funny how you assume that someone just spouts “crap” and did not view the content.

        I did watch the video. What Rantasmo did not touch on was this issue that I mentioned in regards to people sending the wrong message about the love that is shared between sisters.

        When same sex siblings say they love each other, tha does not imply that they are gay/lesbians. Like I mentioned, I have a sister, and I’m a girl, but I don’t want my sister to be my lover. It is Family Love.

        If you think that having a loving relationship with your family members can’t exist without wanting to fuck one another…perhaps you need to seek other forms of enlightenment?

        • He literally said nothing about Anna and Elsa being romantically attracted to each other. You’re repeating the same “counter Elsanna” other dismissive people have said before, ignoring the fact that that is not the reason why LGBT subtext exists in Frozen.

          Also, lovely projection of your issues.

  20. I for one think Frozen actually did the opposite with frozen. The point was to show two things: Love is more than romantic/sexual, and two that love between two people of the same gender doesn’t have to be romantic/sexual. I love my male friends because we’re close friends and we’d all take a bullet for each other. It has nothing to do with different sexualities. Frozen wasn’t about that subtext that people added it was if anything trying to show against it that sometimes people read in too much. That sometimes two people of the same gender who are super close are just that. Love is more than wanting to do someone. Sexual urges is wanting to do someone and that has NOTHING to do with love. I wouldn’t mind doing Emma Watson, but I certainly don’t love her. Love is the highest state of compassion not passion. It’s the point where you value that person as much as yourself and you’d do anything for them. romance is an additional thing when you want to do them.

    • I love self-righteous imbeciles who not only post crap without actually watching the video (hint: it has nothing to do with Elsa and Anna’s relationship, but about Elsa’s “secret”), but also try to seperate love from emotions…. even though love is an emotion.

  21. Interesting in how the ‘subtext’ in this movie can be seen in different ways, as you pointed out.

    Another reviewer who goes by the name of Confused Matthew also pointed out how Elsa’s troubles can relate to people with Mental Health issues, as he himself has freely admitted he suffers from.

    I do think that the movie appeals more to the LGBT audience than those with Mental Health Issues, but its nice that both sides can get something from it (although I did laugh at your mention of the ‘sparkly dress’ bit ^_^)

  22. Geez. Give it a rest already with this “needs more gay” thing. The western world gets more and more homosexualized, and even those who don’t usually have no kids so they can enjoy life without “burdens” – while in places like South America, India, Africa, Arabia, people not only scoff at such western ideals but generally punish such people – and as a result, they breed so much, they will eventually overrun the now decadent west.
    Odd how you people don’t know that this happened already, once… It was called the fall of the Roman Empire.

    • I hope you’re trolling. Not only do you admit to not having watched the video, but you’re outrightly delusional.

      Oh, and the Roman Empire fell because of excess Christianity. Under your logic, you and your ilk deserve to die.

  23. Jonathan Gillispie

    I always detected a gay subtext to Frozen (intentional or not). In fact, Stefan Molyneux did a video analysis on Frozen a year or two ago pointing the homosexual aspect to it. Though I doubt Elsa is actually gay as she’s clearly attracted to men. And so is her sister for that matter.

  24. Channel Awesome needs more gay. It needs a lot more gay.

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