Rap Critic: F— the Police by N.W.A.

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  1. I never knew who sang this song. In middle school, people would always talk about this song and I just assumed it was some new song. This song isn’t really my thing but I get why people like it now.

  2. I didn’t realise recently that N.W.A. were behind Express Yourself, a song that’s anti-weed and pro-individualism, but I guess that wouldn’t be as headline grabbing. My frustration with F The Police is that it doesn’t take the higher ground and drifts from frustrated rage to unfiltered power fantasies about killing the police, though it’s still leagues above later gangsta rap that lost the former’s voice of protest in favour of macho crook bravado bull…

    • Taking the high road against the people who are supposed to BE the high road would certainly make the point a lot stronger.

      What is it with rap songs that make good points about inequality and corruption shooting themselves in the foot with some dumbass guest verse?

  3. I thought that the “racist asshole division” was most of the force. Hard to fire that many people at once.

    Also I think I need RC going “BRBRBRBRBR” to be my ringtone. Or something.

  4. Power corrupts, and few people in our society have the kind of power that a police officer does over the people they identify as criminals. The question is not whether the police will abuse their authority- it’s pretty much an inevitability in law enforcement- but whether they face punishment for those abuses.

    All of these problems with the police- beating suspects, violating constitutional rights, killing people in the street- would be significantly reduced if they knew they’d likely be punished for their abuses, but they know it’s the exact opposite, and so they have little incentive to rein in their behavior.

    This, ultimately, is what “Fuck the Police” is about- an unfettered justice system screwing over racial minorities because we let them get away with it. Now, I don’t agree with the idea of murdering cops by any stretch of the imagination, but it would be extremely satisfying to see a few more police officers thrown into jail for their misconduct.

    • “Power corrupts, and few people in our society have the kind of power that a police officer does over the people they identify as criminals.”

      This is quite true. Even the President himself doesn’t have that kind of power.

      Maybe the only way to avoid corrupt cops is to have none at all. Actually, Georgia (the country) ended up in that very position about a decade ago, when a new zero-tolerance policy towards corruption led to literally the entire country’s police force being sacked. During the three months the country went without any law enforcement whatsoever while a new force was being hired and trained, crime never got out of hand. I’m not saying that would work for everyone, or anyone in the long term, but it really makes you think.

  5. Diggin the new setup, is that permanent?

    • In regards to what you say at the end of this video — I could’t have said it better myself.

      This song has actually become relevant again in light of recent events, and that is disgusting (not the song, but the situation we’re all apparently supposed to accept).

  6. I feel like playing Twisted Metal now.

  7. To that outro speech, amen. The system is not corrupt, it’s just flawed, like life.

  8. Moviemantweeter1999

    Wow that song as a great beat to it freaking catchy. For a moment I thought you said ed sheeran but Ithen you said nc ren so then it made sense. Good and informative review and as a young teenager headed into his adulthood I get that police violence didn’t just happen last year it happened all the time because police are really tough on black people. Whenever a police men sees a black person with a gun they automatically think there going to shoot. Its tough for black people over the years and I feel and get the pain there going though.

  9. I don’t think anyone with a racist, sexist, religious, financial, or assertive power fantasy agenda should be permitted on the police force. Weed out all the sociopaths.

  10. Actually, the modern equivalent imo is Vince Staple’s “Hands Up”
    Some lines from the track:
    “North Division tryin’ to stop my blackness
    I’m watchin’ for them badges when out in traffic”

    “I guess the pigs split wigs for the greater good
    Cause I ain’t seen them lock a swine up yet”

    “And they expect respect and non-violence
    I refuse the right to be silent”

  11. Ah, Blip!

    “You just watched Rap Critic F The Police”

    Time to delete my browsing history.

  12. Oh man, fighting hate with hate and stereotypes with stereotypes. I am not a fan of this kind of rap.

  13. Whoa, this is an actual song? I just thought it was something edgy teenagers said, lol.

  14. Law and Order: Racist Asshole Division

  15. FilmBrainsGoldfish

    The problem with the police is similar to the problem with politicians.
    Most people who would be good at it, wouldn’t want to do it.
    And there are too many positions that need filled, so we end up with a bunch of people who shouldn’t be doing the job.

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