Rap Critic: Goin’ Off #26: Raekwon the Chef’s F.I.L.A.

Mues and I talk about about Raekwon the Chef’s latest offering.

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  1. I was over once Randy Jackson left. Seasons 4 to 7 was good. In the next few seasons, the first few episodes were ok. Then, it went to crap. If I was an artist, I’d be happy to sell 100 albums. I love Michael Jackson’s music but I think that people are so mean to him still because of that whole lawsuit. My mom refuses to like his music all because of that. I HOPE that music becomes more dubstepy but I’m biased. To me, Dubstep is about fun, forgetting your problems, and attaching your own stories to the music. Like in the Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites song, I think of a girl whose going through issues and there’s a battle between the Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites as in positivity versus negative things. In my head, it looks awesome. This is especially expounded by the few lyrics in the song. Then again, I’m a little odd so… maybe it’s just me but there you go. That’s why I like dubstep. Also, I’m glad that you remembered the Sayonara last time.

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