Rap Critic: Goin’ Off #30: ICP’s Found & Discussion about the N.W.A. Movie

Let’s talk about the absolute worst ICP album… and on a lighter note, the NWA movie! (Vlog review for the movie coming tomorrow)

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  1. Is it too much to hope the ICP fandom is entirely ironic?

  2. Why the fuck are you still making these videos? You only needed to review one song to say you don’t like ICP, not waste three computers’ worth of data making goddawful masturbatory shit.

  3. LOL @ this podcast. 😀 The next time I talk to my bestie (whose a HUGE juggalo), I’ll ask her why she likes ICP. I’ve never given ICP much thought. I don’t see how Lost at the Carnival is bad. From what you were saying, it sounds pretty good. I cared about Gwen Stefani’s divorce. I hope you do a review of the Straight Outa Compton. Also, about that Arbian guy, It is better to be in the movie than not at all. I actually hope he responds.. Short podcast = shorter comment. 🙂

    • Lost at the Carnival is really goood, it’s one of the tracks I liked the most on the album.

      The stuff on the album that I didn’t really care for at least was well done. I’m an atheist, so I don’t relate to the lyrics on the title track as well as Shaggy does because I don’t believe in god, but it’s not beating people over the head with it, it’s not Christian rap, it’s just, they believe in god, and they’re humanizing their characters. I related to the party-have fun-fuck fat chicks-get a handjob from a cop kind of lyrics that made up most of the album. I really don’t see an album whose lyrical theme is “life is good” pissing people off.

  4. As a long time Juggalo no…I don’t like this. I hated both these albums. They had a chance to make things awesome after the Wraith but they really dropped the ball. Are the people who are saying this is a good album already bleeding from the ears. I stopped listening to ICP a long time ago and mostly listen to Twiztid, ABK, Blaze, etc. Luckily I listen to all kinds of music so when ICP fell off I didn’t worry. That review you quoted had to be listening to another album.

  5. Hey, I’ve got more good news from Wikipedia: ICP said that the outtakes from the recording sessions would be released on their online store hatchetgear.com, also it was said that they will also release a cd full of songs that did not make the cut.

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