Rap Critic: Goin’ Off #33: Krown Power & The Manson Family

We got the scoop on a new album by Kotton Mouth Kings! (Well, it was new when we reviewed it, anyway…) also, we talk about just how horrible and idiotic Charles Manson is, just in case you forgot.

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  1. I’ve heard of Kotton Mouth Kings but I never knew that they were hip-hop. I just assumed it was rock or something. Oh, they’re rap-rock? So I have half right. Out of all the albums that you reviewed, Rebel Heart is the only one that I’ve listened to. Well… Ghosttown and Livin For Love. 😀 I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like the Beatles though. O.O Like I don’t care who took what from who. If it makes good music. To each his own. *virtual shrug* If you DID review the Manson album, that would be one interesting podcast. Also, 2007 was the best year of my life so far. Plus, I’m not going to lie… I miss Myspace. 🙂

  2. GreatestLatinoGüeyEver

    Is it wrong that I totally want Rap Critic and Mues to review the goddamn Charles Manson album?

  3. Oh yeah SOMEONE on Channel Awesome should review the Charles Manson album but probably not Rap Critic.

  4. You guys sound surprised that KMK released ANOTHER album where ALL the songs are about weed? That is literally their whole gimmick. I realized two albums ago that they were running out of ways to rap about weed.

  5. United Family is their Label. they were SCREWED by their manager and owner of SRH clothing and they had to start another label because he secretly got the rights signed over to him for Sub Noize. they honestly got fucked HARD by this dude.

  6. Oh my god you guys got all the Manson info wrong. That album was released after the whole Tat/LaBianca murders. Manson did not have a successful career. His failed career was the impetus for his killing of Sharon Tate because a member of the Beach Boys used to live there. The whole “race war” thing was supposed to lead to them then overthrowing the planet after the population was decimated. None of his music was popular until AFTER he orchestrated the murders.

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