Rap Critic: Goin’ Off #34: Hopsin’s Pound Syndrome & an interview with MEGA RAN

I’m proud to present Goin’ Off’s interview with special guest Mega Ran, as well as our review of Hopsin’s latest offering.

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  1. LOL, I wouldn’t even be friends or date someone who smokes. However, yeah, even I think those truth commercials are corny… but the meme one is better than the left swipe commercial, in my opinion. Well, it’s better to use celebrities for a good cause than a bad one. I think that the VMA’s has gotten worse. My mom heard that Kayne- Big Sean song before the VMA’s. My mom is the hip-hop person in my family. Why was Megan Ran in clown makeup? Does he usually do that?From that sample alone, I liked how he was rapping about something new. I like that. 🙂 I think I might check that out. No joke… unlike the Hopsin album that you reviewed. To this day, the Madonna album is the only album that you’ve covered that I know at least a couple of songs from. LOL.

  2. Ran is a solid guy, nice to see him getting some exposure.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    This is actually the second episode of the goin off podcast that I’ve listened to fully and I really enjoyed the mega ran interview(cool dude and voice seems to sound like John legend). Hopefully I can check out more(fingers crossed on that one)!!!

  4. I’m sorry I think Hopsin is just an awful rapper. He reminds me of a 12 year old who keeps trying to sound edgy. His constant whining about how women won’t get with him is incredibly grating. Many of the rappers he mocks are just way better than him.

  5. Re: drugs, very srs answer-

    Most drug users are self medicating for something. Sometimes it’s something totally off but for example, if you are really desperate apparently you can sub in meth for ADHD meds. I’ve had friends that have done that when no one would give them their pills. The gov has cracked down so far on pain medication it’s basically impossible to get it until you are terminal. I’m not dying fast enough for them so I can’t get even get my weeny weak rx for pain killers refilled, even though I was kicked out of PT because my pain is too bad to be able to do it so I ended up in the ER from trying. If I knew where to get something like heroin at this point I’m desperate enough because I’m gonna die from this anyway and would rather die faster then draw it out when I can’t get any treatment and am just waiting to die. These are extreme examples, but drugs really aren’t “fun”. They work when you want to turn something OFF. Whether it be pain or just crazy. Stuffing yourself full of street drugs isn’t too far off of what they do to people in institutions anyway. You sometimes just get a bunch of sedatives so nurses don’t have to deal with you.

    Basically the war on drugs is blocking actual sick people from getting medication, and making them desperate enough to resort to seeing a drug dealer. Honestly my weed dealer (I live in a legal state) is 10x more sympathetic and helpful then 90% of the doctors I see so it’s not very surprising. I think I read around 60% of people sick like me fall under the “would buy street drugs if they could find them” category. it’s really really sad and if you try to bring attention to the problem you just get written off as having emotional problems even if it’s perfectly valid to be desperate when you’re being gatekept from medical care any sign of distress only hurts your case cuz you’re “just crazy”. A lot of people who don’t resort to drugs just kill themselves and people act like it was their fault when they spent years begging for help and being denied.

  6. Quick side note if you’re trying to kick a habit and you don’t quite know what to do with yourself at times out of sheer nervousness : watch or listen to anything made by americans and count how many times the word “like” is used …

  7. Nothing on the Hopsin drama, breaking with a label he started and throwing down with a dis video “Ill Mind 8”? Been waiting for Rap Critic’s take, at the very least, and hearing naught but crickets.

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