Rap Critic: Goin Off #35: FM Radio and The Meth Lab

We talk about FM radio, EDM, and Method Man’s latest offering.

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  1. It’s odd. Ever since That Power, I’ve liked Justin Bieber’s music but he’s unfortunately become a douchebag since his music got better. Did he make some sort of Faustian trade? I sing along to the high pitched part. It helps if you turn it into a Na-na-na. I only listen to ITunes radio stations but my mom is loyal to a certain radio station. I think it’s called KUBE or something. I like Nickelback and Fallout Boy and I stand by that. I don’t care. Yeah, I’ll admit I like the rap remix version of Bad Blood more and this is coming from someone who usually does not like rap. Some songs are better with rap and other songs aren’t. The remix of Cheerleader is better. I probably won’t be checking out The Meth Lab. Also, why did the video go for an extra minute? LOL.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Actually in my state of Virginia there’s a radio station called 93-7 bob fm that plays whatever(mostly classic music from the 80s and 90s but some new stuff too) and there are no repeats so I think you and mues might like that station. I really hate when stations put a beat over a sad song the only song its worked for is take me to church by hozier but that’s it. The most prime example of this is Ed Sheeran like you said and that all of me song by John legend(it’s so annoying,ugh!). I definitely will also check out the meth lab and I love that theirs a website like band camp that will let you listen to it for free and at least you don’t have to pay for it

    Heard you guys did an interview with Arabian prince but heard that it didn’t get recorded(who was it that didn’t record it was it mues cause I don’t wanna be pointin fingers). I will definitely check out some of his stuff before that episode premieres and even more episodes of the goin off podcast.

    Also love how rocked reviews was advertised I love his work(heck I comment on his videos almost all the time) and love how he introduces new acts.. The only thing I don’t get is the hate for fall out boy because I can understand nickelback cause they suck but I actually like most of fall out boys music(including their newer songs even though I’m not a big fan of the song Uma Thurman).

  3. Actually I live in Guam and we do have a lot of stations that do requests, (although I’m fairly sure some of them don’t actually do all of them). Also we do have this one radio station that back in the day was so popular and beloved they actually did a locally broadcasted T.V show that was just comedy sketches and spoofs called Malafunktion. I swear to you I am not making any of this up.

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