Rap Critic: Goin’ Off Episode #15: Joel Ortiz’s House Slippers

Catch up with our “New Years” Podcast, where we talk about the grammies, YG and DJ Mustard’s beef, Eminem’s “reveal” in the Interview, and Joel Ortiz’s House Slippers.

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  1. Yeah, this site is huge now. I almost miss videos sometimes. Oh, North Carolina. I didn’t like it when I visited. -_- I didn’t know about the Eminem interview either. I think he’s still slightly controversial… but only slightly which is a big difference from how it used to be. I think that Seth Rogan is only funny when he’s with other people. I think Iggy deserves a secondary award. I think that it’s so stupid. Iggy and Eminem are “blacker” than I could ever hope to be so people need to let it go! I always thought that DJ Mustard was saying “Mother on the Beach”. I only dislike lip-syncing when the song playing isn’t them singing. As long as they sang the original song that’s playing in the concert, it’s fine. I don’t think that ALL of Katy Perry’s songs suck. Some of them do though. I like songs that I can at least partially relate to. Anaconda or Bound 2 better NOT win! Also, Will Smith IS cool. I remember my first CD player. Thank God for IPods! Although, there are a select few CD’s that I will always keep. Yes, ANOTHER long comment. 🙂

  2. I much prefer Sick YG from Anarchy Reigns and MadWorld.


    In fact gentlemen, I’d love for you guys to hear your thoughts on these game’s soundtracks.
    Many of the artists are hard to find or sound completely different from how they do in the game, and it’s overall a very unique sound that absolutely fits the tone. Each game can be bought for less than $5 these days, and they’re a blast! Consider them the evolution of the old school beat em up.

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