Rap Critic: Goin’ Off Episode #27: Insane Clown Posse’s The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost)

Mues and RC just can’t get enough of reviewing ICP’s music…

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  1. Your analysis of See You Again = mind blown. But, in a odd way, it kinda makes me like the song more. Yeah, I only regularly talk to 2 people from high school. I actually kinda like Will.i.am, especially “That Power”. I don’t like romantic Pink. Ever since she got a kid, her music has lost all its edge & like ability. I never would have guessed you for being Catholic, Rap Critic. No offense but I just wouldn’t. Well, there is a difference between being rude to gay people & disagreeing with the actions of gay people. It’s just a shame that Westboro crossed that line. There’s a Z word? My God! Hey, There ARE PC insults, like idiot. There’s NO way that NBC would know whose racist in their organization. I would want to see a Seinfeld special & I’m in college. I don’t always like reality stars but I respect them, like Kim, for example. Who else could be famous for just being pretty? That’s kinda the dream. Well, long comment for a long podcast. I don’t know who Pumpkinhead is but R.I.P.

  2. The funny thing is I graduated highschool this year. And we did have a class montage but thankfully “See you again” didn’t play in the background.

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