Rap Critic: Music Skiteos: Arab Money by Busta Rhymes ft Ron Browz

No, this music video is not going to enlighten you on trade relations between America and Arabic nations… not that you thought it would…

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  1. This song was so ridiculous that Rockstar put this song in their hip hop playlist in GTA 4. Now that’s funny

    • ‘GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony’ was the first time I can remember hearing this song, and in one specific scene with Yusuf Amir you got plenty of it. I’m hoping Yusuf makes another appearance in the GTA series because not only was he crazy rich, he was also just a plain crazy mofo and this song fits him well.

  2. Rosie Huntington

    You should do a video on your top 10 most hated rappers ever.
    I’m a real fan of your reviews and I wasn’t even a rap fan at the time. It’s good to see some people still judge songs no matter what.

  3. Good judgement call on Busta Rhymes part to fix it.

    Bad call to have made those mistakes in the first place.

    Am I the only one who wants our Rap Critic to cover some more obscrure rap forms in a new series? Like Horrorcore and Fast Food Gangsta Rap?

  4. Yeah, it was nice that they tried to amend some of their mistakes. Some rappers would have just been like “Screw you!” (like probably Kayne or something).

  5. Nice new segment, RC. I wish you’d bring back “Rap-Libs”. That was sooooooo hilarious!

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