Rap Critic: Music Skiteos: She Knows by Ne-Yo

Strippers, strippers, everywhere, and not a single in my pocket…

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  1. I had several questions. And now they’re gone.

  2. I admittedly really enjoy this song but… yeah the song. I just listen to it. Never saw the music video until now and… yeah what’s the point if this one anyway? Strippers make anything better? I think the metaphor is suppose to be that whenever this girl is around for Ne Yo she’s so attractive and amazing and increidble and leaves people at awe everywhere she goes she’s like a stripper dancing at a pole… wow that’s how you see hot girls Ne-Yo? Man I thought you were mr. dullard not mr. even other rappers question how super sexist this is…. o.

  3. “What? Strippers in a stirp club? Now I’m bored.”

    I love this video so much 🙂

  4. Man, I miss old school Ne-Yo.

  5. Man, that was hilarious! I really wanna see more of these.

  6. What, no comment on the noise that sounds remarkably like a Pikachu?

  7. So tongue-in-cheek! Love it!

  8. Granted, I don’t watch a lot of your videos, but this one, well, it seemed a bit lacking. Not bad, just lacking. There was little in the way of introduction about the music video, and the analysis seemed to be just pointing out that strippers were stripping in places they don’t normally, and the people weren’t reacting the normal way. Just seemed a bit… shallow?

  9. Definitely one of the more bizarre videos I’ve stumbled upon in the last 4 months. This is what makes looking up every song in the Hip-Hop/R&B charts so rewarding; gems like this. Also love the cameo in this video with Waymond from Workaholics.

  10. Is that woman in the store levitating? She appears to be walking in place in mid-air. Is that normal? I ask because having never been to a strip club I don’t know if they also do magic acts.

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