Rap Critic: Specials: Top 10 Worst Lyrics of 2014

Will anything top the terrible lyrics of last year? Probably not, but they certainly tried..

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  1. Your voice got deeper.

  2. Mr. Rap Critic is trying to go to Italy so he can be Figaro in Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro. If you have some spare change you should consider supporting him.


  3. Lupe, what the hell happened to you?

  4. What movie is that at 11:05?
    Kinda looks like the movie Battleship Potemkin.

    I don’t know if it was Pu$$y or some similar song (maybe an older song) of his that made me just shake my head and say “what the hell, man?” I hope it’s not on the new album. As amazing as he has been, he does have some forgettable songs..

  5. Is there any good rap out there? I haven’t been able to listen to any of it for years.

    • I realize that I’d encounter a whole lot of people who disagree with me, but I personally think that MIA remains excellent.

    • I personally love Australian rap/hiphop. yeah i’m biased because it’s from my home country but there is a lot of variety and talent there which for the most part doesn’t fall into the same cliche’d style of the US mainstream. of course there are bad acts too but there is a lot of good stuff in there. personal recommendations are as follows. – hilltop hoods, purpose, seth sentry, drapht, funkoars, vents1, prime, k21, grey ghost, mantra, thundamentals – that should be a nice start if you’re interested.

    • W A N G S F O R E V E R

      Good Rap Starter Pack:
      Kendrick Lamar
      Joey Bada$$
      Schoolboy Q
      Chance the Rapper

      Obviously there are way more but here are some people to get you started

  6. I really hope that rap critic listens to more then just that one song from an-soul, control system was great, I think it was even better then section 80.

  7. I actually love high heels so much that I wear them as slippers in addition to my everyday life. I don’t know why but I just do… anyways… My one word to describe the lyrics in this video: WHAT?!

  8. I’ve got nothing but love for Lupe Fiasco, but you were right about those nonsensically bad lyrics being a bit too much, even for a parody song. Although I did kind of enjoy that Storm = Ororo line. That was actually pretty clever. Shame it didn’t make any bloody sense in context.

  9. Wow, when did Lil Kim transform into Miss Swan?

  10. Bad Lyrics? Pretty much the entirety of “Flutes” by New World Sound & Thomas Newson ft Lethal Bizzle. That song is hilariously silly, not least for its really dumb lyrics.

  11. The way I interpreted the first lyrics you analyzed was that he was saying to the girl he was talking to that she had to prove she was worth his money before he spent it on her. That’s the problem with the word “nothing” being synonymous with “anything” in lyrics; the use of it can completely change the meaning.

  12. This comment sucks but wait, I’m going to make it all worth it…


  13. Dafuq happened to Lupe Fiasco?

  14. Women wear heals to make their bum look big and arc their back to keep balance which punctuates the breasts also. Yeah.

  15. Wait Lil Kim had a baby now looking like Chinese knock off? Someone was sleeping with her and nuttin’ in her, somebody doing that?

    There are no cliffs where I live but plenty of busy roads o_O

  16. Heeeey… Nicky Minaj… That’s someone I didn’t wanted to hear this year… Like every year. And about the P#$$y Ni##£r song… Og Loc, is that you? I recognized your style! Did you changed your haircut?

  17. Don’t know if I’m right, but my interpretation of Nicki’s line is different. I think she was bragging about being able to make a duct tape joke, rather than explaining that she made a duct tape joke

  18. Savannah Chasing Sunshine

    Don’t ever stop making videos 😀

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