Rap Critic: Specials: Top 9 Best Rap Songs of 2014

HERE IT IS! BAM! The much-anticipated list that you were all waiting to debate over!

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  1. Not a bad list. I especially like your number one pick.

    I’d try to make my own list, but would just forget a bunch of songs that should be on there, and then be annoyed with myself.

  2. My list

    1. Very Much Money (Ice King Dream) by Open Mike Eagle
    2. Work Work by Clipping ft. Cocc Pistol Cree
    3. #Cake by Shabazz Palaces
    4. Down on My Luck by Vic Mensa
    5. Nerver Catch Me by Flying Lotus ft. Kendrick Lamar

  3. So De La Soul’s The People featuring Chuck D wasn’t that good?

  4. I about freaked out when #5 started– that song samples the opening theme from Shaka Zulu! One of my favorite shows and one of my favorite television theme songs! BAYEEEETHE, INKOSI!

  5. That is a nice list, I am a little disappointed that Fragile by Tech N9ne, Kendrick Lamar, Kendall Morgan and MAYDAY wasn’t on the list, but I am going to give the ones you listed a listen.

  6. I like i a lot more than most people, but… number one? Man, that’s… your opinion, I guess. My personal favorite would probably be something by Shabazz Palaces or clipping.

  7. My list

    1. Tech N9ne Nobody Cares The Remix
    2. Hopsin Ill Mind Of Hopsin 7
    3. Twista One More Joog
    4. Yo Gotti I Feel Like
    5. Epic Rap Battles of History Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe

  8. I have not heard of any of these songs. I’m totally not a rap person but out of all of these, I found number 6 and number 1 the most likable. I’ll probably check those out! I have no list.

  9. It doesn’t even have Run the Jewels on it? Mainstream, my ass! Boo, zero stars!

  10. FilmBrainsGoldfish

    No Taylor Swift?
    This list is wack.

  11. wow, first time in a ffew years without hopsin, wonder if he didn’t like the message of this years ill mind

  12. My favorite rap songs of the year:

    1. “i” by Kendrick Lamar
    2. “Ill Mind of Hopsin 7” by Hopsin
    3. “Whoa” by Watsky
    4. “Early” by Run The Jewels
    5. “Sweatpants” by Childish Gambino

  13. Awesome number 1 pick! 😀
    That Kendrick knows what he is doing!

  14. some of the songs below top 5 where terrible , is hip hop that bad?

  15. Oh…no. J.Cole did respond to Control, and I LOVED 2014 Hills Drive. Folks like KRIT and Cole get slept on by all the K.Dot riders but that’s fine….

  16. And…how does this list not include “No Role Models” Man??? Nah….

  17. No, see, here’s the real Top 9 Rap Songs of 2014:

    9. Fancy by Igloo Australia
    8. Problem by Igloo Austrialia (I know Ariana Large was on it but lez b real Igloo da real focus)
    7. Boom Clap by Igloo Austrialia (it SAYS Charlie XCX but it’s definitely Igloo in disguise)
    6. Anaconda by Nicholas Minaj
    5. Bang Bang by Ariana Large, Nicholas Minaj and Washed-Up Katy Perry
    4. All About that Bass by Miss Martian (I’ve never heard the song but I’m assuming it’s a rap song because it has bass in the title)
    3. Wiggle by ♪Jassooon Deruulloo♫
    2. #SELFIE by Igloo Australia (I mean her voice sounds exactly the same so I think its her?)
    And the number 1 rap song of 2014 is:
    1. Shake it Off by Taylor RunRealFasst

  18. Hello Rap Critic. I love your show and I have an idea to share. Why not in a video go over the genre of rap metal? It would be great to hear your opinion.

  19. 10 jay winters ft ratchet- April showers
    9) ratchet- nut case
    8childish gambino – sweat pants
    7 eminem ft dej loaf big Sean Danny brown Royce da five nine- Detroit vs everybody
    6 watsky- whoa whoa whoa
    5 busta ryhmes ft eminem – calm down
    4)hopsin – I’ll mind of hopsin 7

  20. Songs that should have been on
    Big Sean ft. E-40 I Dont F#@k With You
    Don’t get me wrong, Big Sean sucks but E-40 kills it on this track. I know he’s older but I am excited to hear more

    Bobby Shmurda Hot Boy
    I hate myself but still I mean it has decent rhymes and this guy was a Crip so I really hate myself

    Eminem ft. Rihanna
    It’s not as good as Real Slim Shady or Lose Yourself but it’s still creative and it’s a different side of him.

    Eminen’s Verse on the Shady XV Cypher
    Oh my god. Eminent’s homophobia is back! He said dyke for the first time in a while and he said be wanted to punch Lana Del Ray in the face

    Those are my picks

  21. I love he said ‘i’ is number one on the list. That song save my life at some point. That song deserve something to me.

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