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  1. Is the audio getting softer to anyone else?

  2. Okay, Fetty Wap sounds like some raciest term against Italian Americans. Especially, if Fetty is supposed to fettuccine. I mean did no one think maybe Wap isn’t a good term to put in this name?

    And Trap queen to me sounds like it should be about some woman who the rapper has super hots for and turns out to be a Man. Ala, Bridget in Guilty Gear.

    This dude needs to come up with better terms, really.

    • I thought the same thing about his name. but Trap Queen made me think of a female who turns out to be a guy but he don’t care cause shes his queen.

  3. …..That guy there at the end of the music video was so awkward! They lingered on that shot of him strangely nodding for way too long.

    Also, I burst out laughing at the scene with the woman taking the pie out of the oven. It totally didn’t mesh with the rest of the video AT ALL. (Maybe it was a weed pie? Like weed brownies but more gross?)

  4. You’re right. This song from what I heard wasn’t anger-inducingly bad but it wasn’t good either so… It just ranges from meh to bad.

  5. Soooooo, turns out the “Wap” part is a reference to his favorite rapper, Gucci Mane. Oh, such talent he looks up to….

  6. God, this song is so bland. And he sings while rapping? Uh…does anybody remember Nelly?

  7. Ugh. Another run of the mill rap song. This is pretty much why I haven’t listened to much rap since 2010.

    I thought the baking pies was a reference to cunnilingus at first, since ‘pie’ is slang for vagina.

    Someone already seems to have mentioned this, but his name kind of sounds racist toward Italians, since “wop” is a slur for that ethnic group, plus the addition of a pasta reference. I’m sure that wasn’t the intention, but it’s a strange name to begin with. It sounds like a product MikeJ would review on his Informercialism series. Also, his name means Cash Money? Gee, haven’t heard that term before…

    I noticed an audio difference between your stuff and the music video. The first time it changed it was a bit jarring.

    I think this will just be another average rap song that will sink into the ocean of other mediocre rap songs that all talk about the same thing. It won’t stand the test of time.

    • Pie is slang for vagina? Seriously? Like Fetty and Wap meaning cash wasn’t convoluted and contrived enough?

      I hope I am not the first one to say this shit is getting out of control. Enough with rappers making the lastest slur of a word that mocks the English language into some completely unrelated phrase.


  8. Going out on a tangent, (but it would make the song more interesting if it were true), you ask why the camera lingers on the rapper at the end and asks if that were the trap queen and I ask why not let that be true (though not to the definitions you laid out here)

    Trap, at least in SO MUCH anime refers to the female character that is actually male physically (a la Crying Game)


    Queen, as in one who dresses in a manner of their opposite sex sometimes extravagantly so (i.e. drag queen)

    the theory here being the rapper at the end is his Trap Queen because even though he identifies as male he was born physically female!

    or it’s a dumb meaningless song, it could go either way

    • I was thinking the same and it’s funny you mention how often it’s used in anime. The slur for Italians is “wop”, but his name is “Wap”. Short form of wapanese. A caucasian who tries to emulate Japanese culture.

    • I think you are looking into the meaning of the song’s title way too much in the wrong direction. He refers to the women (who is, in fact, identified as a WOMAN in the video) as a “her”, so obviously he isn’t referring to a male.

  9. “Trap Queen” just makes me think of Hideyoshi as a dominatrix making my dick *very* confused.

  10. I have one eye… Does that mean I’m special?… no?… But what if I start rapping? or selling drugs? Validate me damn it!

  11. The 3 greeting didn’t strike me as that odd. What did strike me as odd was he could see a woman’s ass while she was walk toward him. Unless she entered the room backward which would also be odd.

    Maybe the lyrics were misheard and he noticed she’s pretty “as soon as” she came in the door.

    The line about “**** yo hoe” and then switching to the second guy makes it seem like that’s his hoe Fetti is ****ing. And apparently he approves.

    Trap – A man who dresses like a woman and is somewhat feminine in appearance. Could almost be mistaken for a woman until you are in the bedroom with one.

    Queen – A flamboyant homosexual.

    Or maybe the second guy is the hoe.

  12. Fetty Wap needs an eyepatch, I mean why wouldn’t a rapper wanna play up a pirate image?

  13. This thought just came to me the other day as I was thinking on Fetty Wap’s stupid name that makes Gudda Gudda sound fucking brilliant.

    Fetty Wap sounds like one of those letter reversal memes, for example, see below:

    Fetty Wap
    F etty W ap
    Switch the letters and you get:
    Wetty Fap.


  14. I didn’t get why people liked this song so much I thought it was gonna be super cool so I gave it a listen… It was disappointing

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