Rap Critic: Worst Lyrics of July 2015

Rap Critic is not as happy about these lyrics as this picture would suggest…

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Wow rap critic in the channel awesome thumbnail you look like an insanely happy creepy person who is a child murderer but in the youtube thumbnail you looked shocked that your a perverte(love that you admitted it too). Also love how made me laugh at the p word joke(kudos to that)!!!

  2. I’m immature too, that made me laugh more than anything on this site in the last month.

  3. I just like Drake because he doesn’t seem too douchey. He’s just kinda corny for the most part but that’s at least better than being douchey. Also, I’m immature too because I laughed my butt off at your remix at end.

  4. Oi! Some of my best friends are cartoon characters from 1957!

    (Maybe throw some diffusers on the lighting? You kept getting green blobs reflecting off your glasses, interfering with your expressivity…)

  5. Your word change actually made the song make more sense. lol

  6. …..i gotta show that p-remix at the end to my hubby….over 40 and he’ll be gasping for breath. Chances are if he didn’t grow out of it you won’t either, Mr. RC. 😉

  7. Oh Boy? Pretty sure that song was playing in the early 2000s. Why is it being featured in the July lyrics?

  8. Less ones than usual. Did you hear less music, or just less ones with bad lyrics?

    While that ‘dim sum’ line can be considered a bit racially insensitive, it also is specifically a Chinese dish, so that reference doesn’t even cover the entire group he’s aiming it at, only one specific part of that group.

    Oh boy, is that second one annoying. Even with just that clips that chipmunked sample is irritating.

    Your penis remix had me laughing hard. Yes, it’s immature, but then again, so am I.

    So in conclusion:

    Penis. Penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis.

  9. I lost it at “that’s why I fuck with my PENIS”

  10. PENIS. Because Penis Song!

  11. It appears that the people here really enjoyed your insertion of penis.

  12. Is it me, or did this song actually got way more meaningful after this little change in lyric?

  13. It would be so funny if you review How Many Times by DJ Khaled / Chris Brown / Lil’ Wayne / Big Sean because I think that song sums up rap in that last decade. It has everything from awkwardly rushed dialogue to rapping about sex from everybody you more or less hate.

  14. Penis actually works better in that song wtf

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