Rap Critic: Worst Lyrics: Top 5 Worst Lyrics of the Month (June 2015)

I’m going to get a lot of hate from a certain fan base…

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    The video seemed short when you got to the number two part so I expected you to go on a long rant and you did so I was right. Speaking of Rick ross,did you hear that he got arrested for kidnapping a guy and punching his teeth out. They made a pretty good point on my radio show that I listen to hear that the guy who shot the African Americans in the church where the confederate flag stands that the guy could get out of jail for bail but not Rick Ross. Your gonna give a monsturous man who killed a full churchs of African Americans bail but not Rick Ross who only had three charges brought up against him like seriously. Sorry for the long rant just thought you should know that rap critic.

    • Omicron Warrior

      This is incorrect. Dylan Roof was charged with homicide and a weapon charge. He was offered bail on the weapon charge, $1,000,000. He was not offered bail on the homicide charges. He remains in jail and barring some super extraordinary legal defense, will be there until he dies. Which maybe sooner than his natural life.

  2. I feel the same about A Tribe Called Quest too. If i was to say that to a lot of hip-hop fans they’d scream with shock!

    For me A Tribe Called Quest are all about the beats. When I listen to Tribe It’s always about the nostalgia and the feeling that they feel like one of your mates from the block who have been rapping for ages.

  3. Wait wait wait, Rick Ross was on a remix on Royals? That’s…one of the mostly ironically funny things I’ve ever heard of.

  4. Haha, wait, Backstreet Boys are rap? I loved them in middle school.

  5. I thought the Tooth Fairy was his suggestion about what the other person might like to have.

    At 1:25, I don’t think those words in that combination convey meaning. Like he’s enrolling in a college? How does that comparison work? Triple beam, what?

  6. It’s tha VD Gang!

  7. IS it okay to suggest a bad linen if so Bow Wow’s verse in the “Where’s the party at” remix had a strange line in it

  8. theinfamousupswing

    As a fan of the tribe, I can understand where you’re coming from. I liked them because… well… the beats, but also, unlike most hip hop groups I’d been exposed to prior to the tribe, ATCQ had an air of light hearted fun to it. That’s probably a direct result of some of those goofy rhymes. If one wants their hip hop group to be suave and cool af, that’s understandable, but that’s not the tribe, so i get it.

  9. Steve the Pocket

    Funny thing about that last song; the guitar riff in the chorus is very similar to “How Bizarre” by OMC, which came out 7 years later and is a much better interesting-anecdote song even though there’s only one anecdote in it that’s actually believable. I wonder if the writer of that song heard this one and thought, “Maaaan, I can do so much better than that.”

  10. Well, since The Low End Theory is one of my all-time favorite rap albums (along with Paul’s Boutique, Black On Both Sides and ’93 Til Infinity), I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  11. Personally I never minded ATCQ lyrics cause of the beats, then again I had the same opinion about Juice Crew, Souls/Hieroglyphics and later on boot camp click, not everythithing has to be lyrical correct, as long the beat is good.

    And for anyones interest Low End Theory is my favourite hip hop album followed by critical beat down by Ultramagnetic Mc’s and Funcrusher Plus by Company Flow

  12. Oh, three songs I like on this list, but, yeah, wtf was up with that lyric about the Sunshine State?

    Also, I didn’t know Rick Ross had remixed “Royals”. He must’ve put Molly in my champagne…

  13. I guess Dre just didn’t think “We in that Golden State” sounded as good?

  14. TCQ was really more about having fun than putting great lyrics together. But the fact is, they were a lot of fun, and for kids in my generation, they were part of our introduction to a larger world.

  15. Well ATCQ’s Jazz (We Got) for me is one of their strongest ones because it was focused on the subject

  16. You can say the same thing about a lot of old school rap honestly

  17. I agree with theinfamousupswing. What so bad about ATCQ having goofy lyrics?

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