Rap Critic: Worst Lyrics: Top 5 Worst Lyrics of the Month (May 2015)

Come see who didn’t do a google search before getting into a recording booth this time!

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  1. One day Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne will collaborate to make a song that is entirely comprised of poop metaphors.

  2. These lyrics were so blah all I could think about was how nice and white your teeth are…shiny!

  3. Oh my God! #2 was SO from childhood. Um… awkward. D:

  4. “I’m the shit. Literally.” I literally did a spit-take on that one… And I wasn’t even drinking anything. Thank god my floor is tile…

  5. I’m the poop, figuratively.

  6. I wouldn’t say people had a thing about hating all rap-rock combos. Run-DMC, the Beastie Boys and (in particular) Rage Against the Machine got away with it pretty well.

  7. Jay-Z REMAINS, as in Remainder. If you divide 5 by 4, using remainders, you get a remainder of 1. That is what he meant by that. With the convenience of computers and calculators, people don’t use remainders a lot.

  8. Rap Critic, just go ahead and review See You Again, hardly anyone I know likes it, and I think a majority of us are disappointed that was the song to unseat Uptown Funk from the number 1 spot.

  9. I love Breakfast in America (the song and the album)

  10. Sadly, some dictionaries have already expanded the definition of “literally” to mean “figuratively”. Apparently words can just mean whatever the hell you want them to mean now. I weep silently for the English language.

    • UnknownVariable

      Please tell me that you are joking. I cannot take this much stupidity…. Wait a minute, all of these words becoming the same as their opposites? What the DoubleSpeak? For anyone passing by, it’s from the novel 1984.

    • By “some dictionaries,” I presume you mean Merriam-Webster, the “American” dictionary which will accept any word definition as long as it differentiates American English from British English.

  11. The lyrics from “Cupid’s Chokehold” are actually from a song called “Breakfast in America” by SuperTramp. And in the context of THAT song, it’s about a guy who doesn’t have a lot, period. I.e., his life kinda sucks. It’s not specifically about sex. And the “she’s the only one I got” is really more, “she’s not very good, but, again, have I mentioned my life kinda sucks?”.

  12. Yay I’m a lot smarter than fucking JayZ.

    • I think Jay-Z means like the remainder of 5/4. Without decimals, 5 divided 4 equals 1 with a remainder of 1. So, he remains, like the remainder in 5 divided by 4.

  13. This must bad rap lyrics from the 1990’s.

  14. The lyrics for “Breakfast in America” were written by one of the guys from the British group Supertramp.
    From what I found, he wrote them when he was still a teen, dreaming about someday going over to the U.S. Maybe when he wrote them he thought that if you went to California it would be some golden land where every guy got multiple women to be with. He also may not have liked his girlfriend much, who knows.

  15. Evil Racist Frollo Bill O’Reilly would have a field day if he heard these lyrics particulary this lyric or verse of the number one bad rapping “song.”

  16. But remember Rap Critic listening to KPop (Korean Pop) even you don’t know the language at all makes everything in this modern world a little better and I’m not talking about Psy’s Gangnam Style.

  17. AutoInfanticide

    lol, naming this ‘worst rap lyrics of the month’ AND labeling what month it is, really is misleading.

  18. hi Mr. Critic, you are awesome and Wiz just shit on himself, thank you for the smiles and laughs RC, you da man! Oh and it’s awesome to learn a bit more about you and your video editor (I looked her up after your Flo Rida video ,are you guys house mates? sorry for prying)

  19. So you’re “not sure where he’s getting that idea from” that the lyricist of “Breakfast In America” seems to think that guys in America have multiple girlfriends? Well, one big hint might be the fact that you’re showing this song as being on an album of Top Hits of 1974. This was the era when the big smash hit song said “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” and everyone took it as an expression of freedom & “progressive”, enlightened sexual attitudes instead of, well, just a guy being skeevy & cheating on his girl and acting like *she* was the one with the problem if she got upset about it. From everything I’ve read the 70’s were this weird promiscuous anything goes era of suburban Key parties, Movies like Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, (not to mention crappy porn like Deep Throat crossing over to be a mainstream hit) and orgies over CB radios somehow.

    • I…don’t get your interpretation of that song. I’ve always understood it to be about (and I just went back and listened to it to double check) moving on from heart break and finding love/happiness in other things/people. Or if you are pessimistic it’s about settling for something less then perfect in the name of momentary happiness. It’s basically saying “hey man don’t cry there are tons of fish in the sea, like this chick right here!” It almost literally says that.

      If people thought it was progressive its probably because there is an implication of casual sex. But there is no indication he is cheating on anyone. And to be clear I think it’s a crappy song with an arguably crappy message but a completely different crappy message then you seem to be getting out of it.

  20. Given that the song was written in 1979, it references having multiple “girlfriends,” and “tak(ing) a gunboat across the water” to see America, specifically the “girls in California”, I always assumed Breakfast in America was about the Vietnam War which had ended six years earlier.

    Then again, I also assumed Supertramp were American, so take that for what it’s worth :V

  21. Number 4: Gawd, dumb music for kids.

  22. A: Riff Raff needs to go the fuck away.

    B: The only people who actually like “See You Again” in my experience seem to be students with no knowledge of what an emotional song is actually supposed to sound like. Plus, Paul Walker’s claim to fame is starring in a franchise that had eight movies too many. So by all means, roast that boring piece of garbage.

  23. From what I’ve read, Roger Hodgson of Supertramp wrote “Breakfast in America” as a teenager and he later decided to record it because he thought it captured the innocence of his adolescence in contrast to his more cynical current attitude as seen their other songs like “The Logical Song”. That explains why the lyrics come across as naïve and lacking perspective. However, the way it was sampled in the Gym Class Heroes song just confuses me.

  24. Tear that piece of garbage apart. Paul Walker was a shitty actor and his death doesn’t change that.

  25. the notorious white moth

    You missed the word “remain”.
    ‘I remain: the one – like five divided by four’

    If you divide 5 by 4, you have a remainder of 1.

  26. Moviemantweeter1999

    Kid Rock did that song for a kids movie and i wonder how the lyric i like underage girls got past the censors. But based on Wiz Khalifa i don’t get why rappers say unh alot ofthe time but get yhats just me. But man i hate the song drunk in love its just about how her love life is perfect. Oh well guesx thats just me can’t wait for your review on see you again.

  27. Haven’t heard that song dedicated to Paul Walker, so I can’t say if it’s bad or not, but since it’s Wiz Khalifa I have no interest in checking it out. Especially if his lyrical genius is calling himself literal feces.

    Never cared much for Gym Class Heroes. I always found their music kind of meh.

    I enjoyed this video. Coincidentally I also recently rewatched your Worst Lyrics of 2014 video. I enjoyed all your responses for each song. I think my favourite one was your answer to J. Cole’s Villuminati and its rather confusing message.

    Keep doin’ what you’re doin’. Looking forward to the next video.

  28. HazmatCrowl54454

    Wait wait hold on, people who listen to Riff Raff actually want to be taken seriously? Really I listen to Riff Raff but I’m a clown about it. How can you listen to a song thats title is spelled like this “tip toe wing in my Jawwdinz” and still want to be taken seriously??

  29. savagegreywolf

    If you listen to the rest of the lyrics of Breakfast in America, RC, you’ll realize that the entire song is about misconceptions about America via American media.

    “Could we have kippers for breakfast/mummy dear mummy dear/they gotta have them in Texas/cause everyone’s a millionaire”

  30. LordOfTheLandsquids

    My favorite example of a rapper using the phrase “I’m the shit” too much is the 13 minute explicit version of Gorillaz “Do Ya Thang.”

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