Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa – Nostalgia Critic

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The worst Christmas Special ever? Maybe, and Critic has seen some of the worst. See what all the horror is about with this CG abomination!

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  1. I keep thinking this should be a Good Hook video instead of Nostalgia Critic. Where has iRawss been lately?

  2. Kingofthedragons27

    I recognized the Critic’s reference to the “Money for Nothing” music video and thought, “Wow, what great taste in music I have.” Here’s hoping he reviews Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny too.

  3. “SHUT THAT DOOR!!!”


    Admit it, the delivery on that line was priceless!

  4. Actually, the story behind how this actually got made is quite fascinating: http://thenewpropaganda.tumblr.com/post/145891729831/i-told-the-story-of-the-production-of-rapsittie

    TL;DR: Some poor guy’s startup got conned out of $500,000.

  5. THAT was in 2002? In 2002 I was a senior in high school taking a photography/ 3D animation course using a software called Lightwave. It looked better than that.

  6. 19:15 I think what the grandma is saying is: Kawanishi-Noseguchi, Kinunobebashi, Takiyama, Uguisunomori, Tsuzumigataki,Tada, Hirano, Ichinotorii, Uneno, Yamashita, Sasabe, Kofudai, Tokiwadai,

    She needs scissors. 61!

  7. I had to comment on the “Money For Nothing” reference as a Dire Straits fan… that was perfect!

    Remember that animation was done in 1985 when computer animation was incredibly new…and it still looks so much better than this abomination from 2002. the “Money for Nothing” blue collar guys and dog were simple polygons, but they had personality and moved in a enough of an approximation to living things that it wasn’t jarring and creepy looking.

  8. Bizzare.

    Difficult to even find anything about, since wikipedia apparently deleted the page on it last year (I found a deleted article artchive during my google search).

    So why it exists will remain a mystery.

    One imagines the voice cast must have been where most the money went; I would guess (as one site said Mark Hamill only had abut eight lines) that is was probably easy money for time involved. You can’t imagine he was so strapped for cash that he would have done it if the pay wasn’t worth the time to travel and do it; I mean, at that point, the DCAU was still running.

  9. 2008 – Decorates his office at super speed
    2009 – Replaces the words in his intro line with “Christmas”
    2010 – Walks outside then runs back inside.
    2011 – Explodes into the word “Christmas”
    2013 – Flies into the outer atmosphere
    2014 – Has a chill-pill patch to suppress his Christmas joy because it is deemed scary, but once it’s removed, transforms into a Christmas demon and proceeds to sing about how much he loves Christmas, scaring the shit out a Malcolm and Tamara.
    2015 – Causes the apocalypse.
    2016 – Flies to an alien planet holding a Christmas-loving competition and destroys the galaxy.
    2017 – Dimension-jumps to a universe that loves Christmas the most and kills anything in that universe.

    What an interesting journey.

  10. Also, the recording quality is horrible. I’ve heard amateur recordings in garages that sound better than this. Hearing these amazing voice actors through this horrible quality is bizarre. I can’t put it in words.

  11. why do i feel they had the actors dub a 2D cartoon then they decided to go 3D at last second but wasted their money on the voice actor so it turned into crap.

  12. And here I thought that Keith Lemon movie showed me things worthy of drinking bleach, but this… this is a whole new level of visual assault.

  13. Using blender, in a single day I made this for practice purposes. No seriously, compare the two, and think… what the heck is wrong with this special? https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4389/36480593256_ab2e8b925c_b.jpg

  14. thatchickwithlonghair

    That was a hell of an opening. XD

    As for the thing…..

    WTF IS THIS SHIT. CHILD ABUSE? KIDS DESERVE BETTER. And I don’t even like children!

  15. Still looks better than the Star Wars Christmas Special…

  16. In the words of MST3K, this special is giving me Current Stress Traumatic Syndrome.

  17. I have no clue what those first three minutes of this vid were supposed to be…but it looked kinda awesome.

  18. this heaping pile of a so called X-mas special has actually made me physically ill

    critic you were wonderful

  19. What happened to the thumbs up thumbs down option was it too impolite?

  20. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Smithy saying they were gonna end up as dog food sounded so Ralph-like I immediately thought of “My cat’s breath smells like cat food”

  21. Okay, okay, relax Christmas Nazis Trio, she’s already deeead!

  22. That Alien Martian Extraterrestrial Skeletor Queen, she was already deceased you maniacs! especially you NC, you stabbed off her spine and vital organs or brain and possibly a heart.

  23. … it should not be… and yet it is. o_o

  24. I’d rather watch Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange on 10 hour repeat at least.

  25. This is the cartoon they would show Alex DeLarge to break his evil soul sadistic mind along with Nazi German atrocities “Stop it, stop it please I beg of you!”

  26. Best was the backwards joke. I knew you’d stop escalating Christmas sooner or later. It’s like when you stopped with the anniversary movies. Will there be one next year? It’s ten years! This is the worst CGI I’ve ever seen.

  27. Very anime opening but you need a better animator
    The animation is horrible what makes people think this style is ok
    I still listening to Let it Go its so good
    This dogs are small winner dogs how are they scared of them
    This was a pile of shit movie

  28. Content-wise ? I don’t know. It’s not good, for sure.

    Visually speaking ? I have never seen anything as badly made.
    I mean, really, even old pixel-based atari game were better looking for what (and when) they were !

  29. My eyes were bleeding so badly I almost didn’t notice that that was a Heckler & Koch G36 and not an M16

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