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The makers of the Game worked on the Movie… what could possibly go wrong?

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  1. But wasn’t this movie based on the current reboot rather than the original game?

    • Yes. Yes it was. This movie is a reboot of the entire franchise, which is what the PS4 title is: a retelling of the first game.

      • I was kinda confused on why comparing it to the original game, I mean, i expected him to mention it…

        • It’s a “re-imagining” of first game. However, the main issue I have as a Ratchet & Clank fan is that it borrows heavily from the third game. Dr. Nefarious and the concept of the Galactic Rangers are the villain and the group being formed to combat him in Up Your Arsenal. And as ERod has stated, the movie does a terrible job conveying the characters accurately.

          • No, it is a remake of first game (remakes aren’t identical in opposition to remasters) and reboot of the franchise. Reimagination is when you create something brand now basing of some old source material. In this case Ratchet and Clank themselves were reimagination of minor characters from Spyro.

            Also I don’t have problem that they bring stuff from future games if they put them in background or expand story. Core story is still basically identical like in classic game.

          • I used the term “reimagining” since I recall seeing that term a lot when I was reading descriptions of this movie and game leading up to their release.. I could be misremembering that for “retelling.” However, it’s on the back of the game box.

          • Also I did forget.. worst mistake of that movie (ironically ignored by E-Rod) is how Clank was created. He wasn’t created in factory! He just look similar and lost memory falling on factory belt where he was registered as reject. His origin was retconed in Crack in Time.

    • I’m pretty sure that it is other way around. The reboot is based on the movie. It was just released first.

    • I read the movie was delayed so they could make the game, so the game has to be based on the movie.

    • It’s actually a bit more than that. What The Buster just watched was the cutscenes from the game

      That is literally all the movie is. All the game cutscenes tossed together. That is the reason for the horrible pacing, the reason that so much was never explained, the reason for everything bad in the movie is because it is not a full product, but only a piece of a full product repackaged and sold for extra cash.

  2. Dr. Nefarious was originally not a robot until he fell into a vat of acid after fighting his arch nemesis Qwark, who bullied him back when they went to school together. This backstory was explained in Up Your Arsenal.

    • True, but the problem is it comes from those Quark Vid-Comics and those aren’t exactly the most reliable of sources (Heck, Quark straight up claims he alone solved the Amoeboid crisis of Blackwater City, when it was you yourself who solved that in the first game! They’re all suspect as Quark was actually working with Chairman Drek during the time it claims he was fighting Nefarious.) I imagine this films take is probably different from how it actually would have happened back in the original trilogy though.

  3. I can see why you don’t like this movie E-Rod, but I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed about this movie. This is a retelling of the first game, not based off the first original game.

    Also, you complaining about the weapons show you don’t know that much about the game entirely. What Dr. Nefarious was using was the Sheepinator, one of the signature transformation guns of the series. And Ratchet & Clank’s relationship was not bad, at least at first. They were doing well at the first half, but until the big reveal, the relationship started to sour.

    And I played the original games and the PS4 title, and the PS4 title is one this movie is based off of.

  4. Gotta say, I feel like you dropped the ball on this one, ERod.

    First, the reason why they have Ratchet act differently from the first game is that a major complaint the first game was that Ratchet was unlikable, hence why he’s portrayed more like he is in the later games.

    Second, while adding in characters is a change from the original game, it’s something a lot of adaptations do. This would be like complaining that Hawkeye and Black Widow are in the first Avengers movie instead of Ant-Man and Wasp, or that the characters who are in the first episode of Naruto are characters from later chapters instead of background characters.

    Third, when Ratchet was inducted in the Galactic Rangers, he was show all the different weapons from the games, including the two you complained about, which were built by Dr. Nefarious.

    And lastly, they show quite plainly that those repair robots changed him into a robot, not the damn plasma ball! How did you miss that?!

    I hope that this was just one bad episode and recurring problem. While this movie has a lot of problems, I don’t think these few issues you brought up were that big of an issue.

    • Pretty much agree with all the points, except the second one there. The only real worthwhile addition is Nefarious to set up a sequel (Pfft, like that’s going to happen now after how little the film grossed). I can see the point of Grimroth and Elaris as they have some function (Grimroth looked after Ratchet when he was abandoned on Veldin, Elaris is the teams only tech expert before Clank arrives, but they fail to capitilise on the characters beyond that) but what purpose do Brax and Cora have in the movie? Cora gets angry and Ratchet, Brax says Cheesy One Liners, Quark does both of these better. Mr. Micron just seems to be Lawrence for Drek and that’s about it. And Von Ion felt like he’s just there for Clank to have a boss fight in the game (funny seeing how he’s based of the Robot Commander from Planet Eudora which was going to be a boss in the first game, but got cut due to game budget.) There does seem to be a whole bunch of redundant characters that could be cut to give more time to… I dunno, how about Ratchet and Clank themselves?

      The bizarre thing is whilst this film is, in mind, bad (primarily because it’s tries to go Joke Heavy and most of it’s jokes fall flat), there is some merit for it as a companion piece to the really good PS4 Ratchet and Clank game that came out at the same time. The odd thing is how there are answers in one version that don’t show up in the other version. Like, in the game Quarks Betrayal is alluded to in some text dialogue in the game but isn’t fully clear, whilst the film clearly shows Nefarious setting up Drek to corrupt quark and break apart the Galactic Rangers (also showing in advance the Nefarious is the mastermind villain behind this all much earlier without it being as jarring as it is in the game).

      And for the other way around, Cora shows a lot of concern when Novalis is about to be destroyed in the movie, but it’s only from the games that you figure out that Novalis is her home planet, so you know why she espicially is majorly concerned for the planet more than the other Rangers.

      It’s a weird thing, this is one of the films that will show up in the years bigger bombs of the year (Not the biggest though, Ben-Hur has that prize on Lockdown) but the game is actually one of the more successful games of the year (as well as being one of the best selling Ratchet and Clank games as well) So, there may be a Sequel to the game, but not the movie, but if that’s the case, do we still follow the same continuity? It’s a curious one.

      I think the Sly Movie is officially dropped for all things concerned, it would have been interesting to see how it turned out, but considering that film also replaced the main voice actor of Sly for a Celebrity (But still keeping the games Bentley and Murrary, commaraderie will be weird) it might be fore the best if it got axed. The search for a good video game movie adaptation continues… with Assassin Creed next… aha, excuse me whilst a laugh over how bad that one will be.

    • Erod tends to gloss over the small things like THE TRUTH when he wants to play a raging movie critic for his show. That’s why.

  5. Sony is pushing their game IPs hard currently as their new film cashcow, with a bunch in the pipeline. Heck they’re even working on a Sonic movie at Sony (and I doubt Sony will do it any justice at all).
    It’s no wonder being that Sony as a whole is bleeding money.

    I loved Ratchet & Clank as a kid, but I didn’t get this film. I mean Ratchet & Clank has been on the decline since the PS2 era, the highly received PS4 game is the exception not the rule when it comes to the franchise of late.
    Although one of the weakest aspects of the PS4 games was that the cut-scenes were pretty much just ripped from the film.

    It’s marketed and clearly made as a wacky kids film, but I don’t think many kids care about Ratchet & Clank as a franchise and honestly I believe this film had done more harm than good. While the game was great, this really did put a dint in the whole reboot effort.

    I am quite nervous of the other Sony game to film adaptions to come.

    PS. I love ya’, but I wish you’d embrace the HD 16:9 era for your videos 😛

    • I have to agree here, but add that the problem lies deeper. Most video game characters simply don’t transition well into 90 minute blockbuster adventures for the whole family…Even Mario and Luigi were a disaster.

      Most Sony franchise characters just aren’t that interesting either, as they were created as crass also-rans to Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, and other classic game developers. Ratchet, Daxter, and Crash will never be as genuine as Pikachu, Mega Man, or Mario.

  6. “No studio Bought the rights to Ratchet and Clank”

    Uhh- Universal Bought the distribution rights to this movie and apparently caused so many changes (they are the reason Kevin Micheal Richardson got replaced with Paul Giamatti) that at least one prominent member of Insomniac games quit the production (Also, the animation was behind Rainmaker studios, the studio behind Reboot).

    My advice: Stick to the PS4 Game which is a remake of the original game adjusted for the plot of the movie. Heck, the game uses 95% of the movie as cutscenes anyway so you’ll be getting a similar, yet more gratifying experience.

    PS. As a Fellow Sly Cooper Fanboy I too lament that movie’s likely cancellation, if only it means we’ll never get another Sly game again

  7. Apparently the Sly Cooper film is meant to be released on Christmas Eve. This year.

    Personally I would have prefered a new Sly Cooper game that fixes the cliffhanger at the end of Thieves in Time, not a film retelling the first game like this movie.
    And as a Sly and Carmelita shipper I want to see those two lovebirds actually make it work.

  8. So ERod still has not learned to do research I see. This movie is based on reboot game on PS4, not to original game on PS2. So this movie pretty much follows plot of that reboot.

    • Why doesn’t he ever do at least a little research for most of his videos?

      • Yeah, this is the guy who in his Days of Fufture Past review had no problem with Wolverine being the one sent back in time instead Bishop as it was “originally”. because we all know the X-Men were created for the 90’s cartoon.

        I really only watch him because he’s entertaining. He never researches and often ends up looking foolish.

        • I’d rather watch reviewers who do their research AND are entertaining. In my eyes, E-Rod feels like the Irate Gamer if he reviewed movies.

          • The Real Silverstar

            Come on, he’s not THAT bad. ERod slips up from time to time (as do all reviewers at some point; they’re just humans after all), but I still still admire his passion and energy and he still manages to be entertaining. I sponsor Erod on Patreon; I wouldn’t give the Irate Gamer the sweat from my brow if he were dying of thirst.

            Here’s what I don’t understand: people who complain about the works of a producer that they clearly don’t like, but they still continue to watch their videos every week. (A lot of people do this with the Nostalgia Critic too, I’ve noticed.) The stuff that *I* don’t like, I don’t watch; if a producer’s content doesn’t gel with me after 3 or 4 segments, then I just stop watching that person’s content, I stop clicking and/or unsubscribe, then I’m done. I don’t hang around the comments section to talk smack about them, I just ignore them and watch something else, but some people will continue to watch something/someone they aren’t a fan of week after week, then go on to the comment section to complain about it/them week after week. I don’t get that.

          • In the era of wikipedia, there is no excuse for this. Sage is the same with anime – he knows a lot about distributors and stuff like that, but he never even checks if what he reviews had a manga base, or a TV series, etc.

    • I read the movie was delayed so the game could be made.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks this movie really isn’t that bad?!

    • Not at all, i enjoyed it a lot when i saw it in the theater. My friend and i were two of like 5 whole people in that theater so we knew it would bomb. We both came to the same conclusion; it was ok. Not great but not terrible either. It was entertaining at least, though head scratching at points

  10. Will you be doing Warcraft at some point?

    • Except it is good adaptation of WoW backstory based on game from 90’ties.. that critic shit on it when most fans and random people love it is irrelevant. This is one of most unjustly flushed movies in history. It literally look like critic copy-pasted revives.

  11. quartu with thought lots in the 6 game and become a good guy at the latest games.However the first game with to far to make quartu evil(The where never plan to make him a good guy after the first game).Change it in the moive is give quartu to show he not a bad guy just Dumb.

  12. Can’t watch the video. I get sound but picture cuts out 5 minutes in.

  13. Now I haven’t seen this movie or played the game, so I’m not commenting on that. I am commenting on the apparent beliefs that:

    1. The creators of the original media are somehow going to be competent at making a theatrical release.

    2. The adaptation must follow the original exactly.

    Since it’s really just Marvel you seem to be using as a template, let’s look at these assumptions.

    1. Marvel originally created Marvel Studios and put Avi Afad in charge. Arad came from a TOY COMPANY that Marvel had bought. He wasn’t involved in the comics at all. The then hired professional Hollywood writers and directors. They didn’t make it just with comic people.

    2. The number of things different about the movies and comics are two numerous to count. Here’s just a few. Stane was not Tony’s father’s partner and didn’t show up in the comics until about 25 years after Iron Man’s creation. Bucky was originally a child, like Robin. Thor spent decades trapped in the body of a mortal doctor with a bad leg.

    I only bring this up due to the numerous times in the past you’ve apparently done no research and assumed the movies or cartoons are portraying things as the comics originally did.

  14. ERod, PLEASE, for once in your life, DO YOUR FREAKING RESEARCH!!!!! This movie is based on the REBOOT of the game series, it’s not based on the original game!!

  15. Your ads every 2 minutes broke my Flash player … unwatchable video by 4:54

  16. It sucked that this movie turned out to be bad. I like the game franchise. True, I haven’t played any of the games since Playstation 3 but still! D: I heard from most people that they laughed once in this movie but I don’t think that’s enough to make me like it.

  17. Yeah… there’s some things off with the review here, the press actually doesn’t know it’s Clank who came up with the idea to turn on the mag boosters to save the day, Quark didn’t, he just picked Ratchet to be the new Galactic Ranger which is why he’s getting all the popularity.

    As for the Quark changes… that’s probably more out of how the games evolved over time really. True that Quark is a bad guy in the first and second games and doesn’t redeem himself until the third the series… but ever since the third, he’s essentially been the first call of assistance Ratchet goes to if they need help solving a problem (and vice versa with Quark calling them for help a lot more often.) So to have the film just show him as a straight bad guy, when for many people who joined the series at say, the Ratchet and Clank Future series on PS3? They are going to be really really confused as to why he’s evil all the way through it compared to how he was good in the majority of the games now.

    Same with the Ratchet Changes to being more Optimistic after the backlash of his personality in the first games, his personality was changed in Going Commando onwards for the better, best reflect that in the films as well.

    I also don’t mind the addition of nefarious setting him up as an overall big bad in the long run and building open why he hated Captain Quark so much just like in the game (Nefarious actually use to work with Quark and made all the teams weapons including the previously mentioned thunderstorm generator and Sheepinater, but Quarks poor work ethic and lack of appreciation, instead only to be ridiculed by Quark drove him to madness, which is what leads to him wanting to destroy the universe in the long run, not the strongest reasoning but there is at least something. In the games he’s actually not a Robot at this point either, that happened sometime between the Blackwater City Amoeboids attack and the start of Up Your Arsenal, Quark Vid Comic 3 in Up Your Arsenal has an explanation… but that also comes from Quark, who is a known liar and even claimed he cleared the Amoeboids in Vid Comic 2 when that was your work, so no one really knows.) But, all this interesting stuff for Nefarious, why must it come at the cost of Making Drek boring? Not nice. You actually do eventually get his reasoning in the film for why he’s combining planets latter on in the film and it’s the same as the game… to a point at least. Doesn’t go with the final thing that Drek really is just in it for Cash and was planning to exploit his made planet and then abandon it when it’s fully polluted to repeat the progress again, but maybe he turned into a sheep before he could get to that part.

    Most of the other new characters, I don’t know why, Victor Von Ion’s upgrade seems to be done solely to make for an interesting boss fight in the game and that’s about it (Fun Fact, he was supposed to be a boss in the first game, but it was cut due to Budget and Deadlines). Heck, Erod didn’t even need to show off the other rangers due to how little they even effect the plot in the long run.

    This film is a mess, I think there’s some stretches on trying to find flaws when there are easier things to point out the obvious flaws in without even needing to compare it to the original (Namely the fact that for a film called Ratchet and Clank, after the opening scene in Metropolis, we don’t really get too much of them after it and the film seems to focus primarily on Quark after that point). It’s still a nice companion piece with the PS4 game, at least worth a watch, the game also clearly shows Quark got arrested for his betrayal, and the game acts out as Quark narrates the story to a fellow prisoner.

    It is amusing you use the 1812 overture to beat the film though, considering that’s also the Song the R.Y.N.O. V plays when you use it (Yes, in addition to firing out Hundreds of Rockets a second, it plays the 1812 Overture as you hold the trigger down, they even bring this back for the PS4 Ratchet game.)

  18. Wow, I didn’t think this would be worth busting since it was such a mediocre movie, and that’s coming from a Ratchet & Clank Fan. There was only five people at my theater opening night and I dragged two of them with me. I thought it was an alright movie but it was disappointing that it wasn’t better than that. From what I heard from Angry Joe’s review, most of the movie is recycled as cut scenes in the Ratchet & Clank The Video Game About The Movie About The Video Game; which was released around the same time.

    I’m still looking forward to play that Ratchet & Clank game when I get a PS4 as I do with any R&C games for good or for ill.

    I haven’t heard of any news relating to this movie causing the cancellation of the Sly Cooper movie since it suppose to come out at the end of the year. As a Sly Cooper fan as well, I’m looking forward to it though I was already dreading the plot of that movie from the teaser trailer. After the R&C Movie, I’m more worried now.

  19. Have to say trough, the Resident Evil animated movie are pretty good.
    And the Bioware movies Mass Effect Paragon Lost and Dragon Age Dawn of the Seeker are not bad

  20. I agree with your assessment of this movie, however I would argue that characterization has never been consistent, even between the games. In particular, I was pissed off by the characterizations of Quark and those under his employ between the first and third games. In the first game, Quark’s true nature is gradually hinted at by every person who knows him, (including his personal trainer, Helga), as they complain about working for someone like him. In the first game, Quark is a corporate stooge that plays up the “I’m a heroic figure” angle , not unintelligent, but opportunistic and only really good at acting the part that he was given. He ultimately outs himself to our heroes, before being soundly defeated and finding new employment as a salesman for Gadgetron. In the second game *SPOILER ALERT* Quark takes over Megacorp and masquerades as Abercrombie Fizwidget to get revenge on Ratchet and Clank for ruining his career. He screws up, is hoist by his own petard, and ends up working as a test subject for Megacorp. By the third game, he has inexplicably become a wild man living amongst monkeys on a jungle planet, and when he gets his memories back, not only is he portrayed as a doofus (he uses crayons to draw up a mission plan at one point), but he has now become a parody of the character he played in the first game, and every character that even mentioned him in the first game returns and inexplicably adores him. Al: mentions in the first game that he hasn’t seen Quark since they shot the commercial, fan of his game series in the third game. Helga: practically spits his name like it’s venom when talking about him in the first game, practically has heart eyes for him in the third game. Skid: doesn’t even know Quark in the first game (as Ratchet himself mentions), is one of Quark’s followers in the third game. Do you see where I’m going with this? The creators of these games seem to forget who their characters are between games. Remember how at the beginning of the fourth game, Ratchet is still romancing the starship captain from the third game? Is she ever mentioned again? certainly not in the PSP titles. and what happened to Angela, the lombax lady from the second game? apparently she no longer exists because they needed Ratchet to be the last Lombax alive for the Ratchet and Clank Future games. Continuity is rather lax in this series.

  21. That review was really annoying.

  22. Something I didn’t notice the first time, ERod, your drawing for Ratchet on your thumbnail is really good! I’ve seen a lot of drawing of Ratchet being a furry but they’re rarely sit well with me in terms of translating him from 3D to a 2D media.

  23. Okay… obvious question.
    How did he miss that the movie was based on the reboot? I haven’t played it myself but I assume it mixed things up at least somewhat so for all we know it’s 100% accurate to the reboot.

    Or is this a case of denying a game’s existence?

  24. Here, let me completely destroy the entirety of the criticisms: THIS WAS MEANT TO BE A REBOOT AND THEY MAKE THAT INFINITELY CLEAR BEFORE THE MOVIE IS RELEASED.

    Also it’s infinitely clear you don’t know anything about the games past like the first three or you would know based on the backstory explained in later games Nefarious USED TO BE NOT A ROBOT.

    Also you’re hardly one to talk about pacing mister bitches about 2 minutes worth of an hour and a half movie within almost half of a 22 minute video. Yeah. GG bruh.

  25. ERod please, for the love of god, stop using Dailymotion! Ads every 5 minutes and if you block them, the picture goes out on the review. Just use Screenwave or something

  26. Another reason why this movie flopped so bad, is mainly because no one KNEW it was out! The only real mention of it I had was when I saw a few posters for it at the mall. Hardly saw any commercials for it or anything…so if not too many people knew…they couldn;t possibly have gone to see it.

  27. Actually, the Sheepinator is a real weapon from the games. Also, that robot thing is sort of explained. The drone thingies repaired him into a cyborg (I think).

  28. Loki The Flame Shield

    You do realize that this is based off the reboot game which is starting the story over, right? You know what really irritates me? The game’s story is the exact same as the movie’s story. Man that is lazy.

  29. You know what would have been better? A cartoon show. I mean, think about it. If it was still produce by the original creators, it would allow them the time needed to create a more accurate adaptation. In fact, it would allow them to continue on with the other games, add in some filler episode for what happens in between games, use the side missions and mini games as filler episodes, and you can have an almost entirely accurate adaptation that would be able to satisfy everyone.

  30. Honestly, I saw this movie, and it was OK. Not great, not bad. I’d watch it again if I had nothing else to watch. And as far as I can check – with a wiki, as I never had a Playstation to play the old games – the story is quite true to the games as well. I don’t get the hate this one gets – the people who hate it should consider how OTHER video game adaptations turned out, say… Bloodrayne? Dungeon Siege? Doom? Wing Commander? Alone in the Dark? Hitman? They can be glad this wasn’t directed by Uwe Boll. Honestly, so far, this is the best idea to make video game adaptations, as CGI animation – because this way it can look exactly like the game.

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