Raw Force – Brandon Tenold

Time for some martial-arts zombie action with the Filipino-American exploitation movie “Raw Force” (1982), AKA “Kung-Fu Cannibals”.

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  1. Is that guy in the video page art Adolph Hitler holding kryptonite?

  2. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Alas, Cameron Mitchell. Was there anything he wouldn’t appear in?
    The monks remind me of the Blind Dead. Only alive. And with eyes. Actually, with a little tweaking this could have been the fifth Blind Dead movie. Just replace the undead martial artists with undead Templar knights. That would have been approximately 10000 times cooler.

  3. Another great video, Brandon. Hope the tour goes well.

  4. THERE ARE NO PIRANHAS IN ASIA. Ah, what’s the use?

    • This is true. At least no native species. But there is one species – the Pacu – that has been introduced in Papau New Guinea, and it’s become something of a nuisance. Trouble is, the Pacu is usually a vegetarian, feasting on hard nuts from the Amazon basin. Unfortunately, their typical food source isn’t found in PNG, and so they’ve taken to eating “nuts” of a different sort.

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