Reactive Consciousness Podcast (April 27 2017) – Lotus

CCPodcast (Reactive Consciousness) Episode 14 starring Lotus Prince, PyroJackFrost, and OldManStompy! This episode we discuss: Samurai Jack and the return of old cartoons, and the Persona and SMT series!

About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. Yep, I’m over here getting excited about the brief return of Invader Zim. That was a big part of my childhood. I just hope they don’t mess it up like when Cartoon Network messed up Teen Titans. 🤦 It would be great if you guys could discuss the Invader Zim movie whenever it comes out. Just a thought.

    • That might be doable, but I’ve only seen two or three episodes of the show, so I’d probably have to rely on the others’ input, if they used to watch it.

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