Reactive Consciousness Podcast (June 1 2017)

CCPodcast (Reactive Consciousness) Episode 20 starring VyseTheBold, Lotus Prince, and OldManStompy! This episode we discuss: WWE Backlash, and audio stuff!

About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. That story about getting called in the arcade was funny. I rarely get calls too. In my IPhone data, it says that my phone call time is the equivalent of a day and 3 hours. To put that into perspective, I’ve had this phone for five years. Also, I didn’t hear about the body slamming politician. O.O Lastly, on the subject of Steven Universe, I kinda figured there would be some redemption for some of the evil characters. However, I’m still on The Kindergarten Kid episode which is like Steven Universe’s version of a Looney Toons cartoon to me. Haha.

    • Oh, man, you talk on the phone even less than I do. 😛

      And yep, that body slamming thing is absolutely real.

      I should look into Steven Universe at some point.

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