Reactive Consciousness Podcast (Mar 16 2017)

CCPodcast (Reactive Consciousness) Episode 9 starring vysethebold, Lotus Prince, and PyroJackFrost! This episode we discuss: the countdown to Persona 5, SMT games, cool games that Pyro found (Dropmix, Kingsway), the X-Men Cinematic universe, and other Marvel characters!

About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. Yeah, I totally get taking the day off work for certain things. If I was currently employed, I would take off the day for the Power Rangers movie premiere. I always take the days off for Star Wars Day and Revenge of the Fifth. On the subject of X-Men, I’ve seen all of the movies. Deadpool isn’t really a character I like so I didn’t enjoy his movie. Although, I was glad that the movie wasn’t as brutal as I expecting. Plus, I’ll be skipping Logan. A little too gritty for me. Lastly, I don’t hate X-Men 3 but I don’t love it either. I avoid it but I have a friend who likes it and I’ll watch it if he wants. I actually like X-Men: Origins more than X-Men 3. Haha.

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