Reactive Consciousness Podcast (Mar 23 2017)

CCPodcast (Reactive Consciousness) Episode 10 starring vysethebold, Lotus Prince, and OldManStompy! This episode we discuss: the build to Wrestlemania, and the Samurai Jack comeback!

About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. I remember the campaign for Shaq Fu 2. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard any updates since then. I’m going to skip Samuari Jack because A. I rarely saw it when it originally came out. and B. I’m already juggling an overwhelming amount of shows (to the point where I kinda hope the lesser of my shows do get canceled). The most experience I have with Samuari Jack is that I used to play the flash game for it on Cartoon Network’s website.

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