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Sometimes, good anime needs to overcome itself, and Read Or Die is one such anime.

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  1. Is that Crispin Freeman? *Cue Beethoven’s 9th*


    You know what they should have done? They should have cloned Adolf Hitler twice. Of course! Don’t you know anythink about science?

  2. Crossover Princess

    I know you didn’t spoil it for the fans who havn’t seen it… but I think a little warning for the Twin Tower scene might have noted…

    I won’t go into details but it’s very, very, very cringe worthy…

  3. To bad the world and villains in this anime are just “weird for the sake of weird” otherwise it could have been a classic I guess.

    • Nah, he’s just nitpicking because that’s what he does.

      How did the main characters get their super powers? That’s not explained either. No one cares because it’s cool. Also, taking less prominent historical figures is a nice change from re-treading Caesar, Da’Vinci, Lincoln, Joan of Arc, etc.

      I love this anime, and never lost suspension of belief because the weird historical bug guy fighting the woman who can make magical tools out of paper wasn’t bogged down with lengthy exposition dumps that assume I have no imagination or that we can’t leave anything a mystery.

  4. I really enjoyed this anime, though I will agree that the plot makes no sense. And it’s a shame because the idea of a superhero type story revolving around a woman who controls paper – seriously, what a unique, and often creatively used by the anime, superpower – fighting famous historical figures brought back to life to take over the world is one of the best sounding ideas ever if executed properly. The animation was top notch too, leading to some of the best action scenes in animation.

  5. “So he’s Xuanzang. The guy who inspired the novel Journey to the West, which in turn inspired Saiyuki. Well, if that’s true, why is his name Genjo Sanzo and not Xuanzang?”

    Genjo and Saiyuki are just alternate readings for Xuanzang and Journey to the West.

    Every time somebody says China, they’re not refering to a fictional anime setting based on a fairy tale just because they don’t call it Zhongguo.

  6. Real classy not pointing out the moments where the President of the United States pissed his pants in fear…twice. Considering when this anime came out (and when it was released in the US, I think on the Sci-Fi channel) it was an easy jab at the low hanging fruit of the Bush Administration.

  7. Oh, how I loved Read or Die OVA. And how I hated that damn TV series that made me wait like 20 episodes before the main characters I actually care about were allowed to appear.

  8. Love this OVA, got my copy signed by Hideyuki Kurata when he came to Anime Vegas back in 06. Haven’t seen R.o.D. the TV, but I think the manga explains what happened with the clones & everything here. It’s been a while since I read that too, so I’m not 100% ^^;

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