Reagan’s Raiders #1 – AT4W

I think more people would be voting if politicians had actual superpowers.

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  1. 1:22- BTW, thanks for recommending Kingdom Come, because 2 years ago, I bought a copy, read it, and enjoyed it.

    The only GOOD comic I recall that has Ronald Reagan as a character is The Dark Knight Returns.

    7:42- I would SO like to see The Cinema Snob do a review on this, whenever he’s not busy reviewing crap like Mighty Muffin Pounder Rangers.

    9:11- Or Spectre from the Bond films. Whichever works best.

    11:37- Sure you did, Commander Assface.

    At least it’s not Trump and his cabinet being turned into super-humans, because if so, we are all doomed sooner than we thought already.

    23:39- I would call “Eye Patch Guy” Nick Fury, but the patch is on the right eye instead of the left.

    If I want a story about the President of the United States kicking ass, I’ll stick with Harrison Ford in the movie Air Force One, thank you very much.

  2. 10:41 Todd already reviewed “Eve Of Destruction”.
    10:58 Oh no, they blew up the Batcave!!!!!
    (Seriously, that exterior shot of the Batcave from the ’66 show was an actual (somewhat small) cave that was in the hills behind the Hollywood sign.
    17:52 But was it a Chrysler???
    18:56 Seinfeld: Hello, Neuman.

  3. What’s more, the Undersecretary only has 2 days to retirement.

  4. That comic was more enjoyable than I was expecting. The political aspects barely affected the story. Also, on the story line at the end, I actually do feel for Linkara in that context since he has gone through a lot of betrayal.

    • As far as I recall Linkara pointed out that most political comic are made with political reasons.. and that mostly mean bashing unpopular politician not having real political debate.

  5. I loved this episode! I would think this would be a Patreon sponsored episode. Instead, you just did it out of your own free will. I can’t imagine how many Donald Trump comics there will be now. Seriously, why didn’t you make a joke about him? Eh, we’ll have all the oppurtunities now.

    • Well.. for lough you need watch only news.. like when recently he act like idiot pretending that he didn’t heard that people ask him why he didn’t shake Ms. Merkel hand.

    • These days, it’s far too easy to makes jokes about Donald Trump. The man embarrasses himself and America on a regular basis, so it’s not really necessary anymore. The very mention of Trump’s name ignites passion in people. If Linkara had a made a Donald Trump joke, the comment section would now be full of politically fueled comments with 45’s critics screaming at the zero issue Trump puppets who support him no matter what he does and vice versa. The only problem with bashing Trump is that it’s too easy. There’s no challenge in doing so anymore. Lewis and everyone else should hold off on the Trump jokes until after his time as POTUS is over.

      As for the review. It’s was entertaining, but Lewis is right; for a comic that was intended to bash Ronald Reagan, it really didn’t, so what was the joke, exactly?

  6. The Real Silverstar

    That was the most boring and uneventful “parody” comic I’ve ever been subjected to. Parodies typically have jokes, and jokes typically have punch lines. How was this making fun of Reagan? It seemed more like a propaganda piece.

    -Side bar: I knew X-Presidents was going to come up at some point.

  7. The reason Air Force 1 is a helicopter now is because technically, any aircraft the President is currently on is designated Air Force 1.

    On a more topical note, I’m excited for progress in the plot! I love your story arcs!

  8. One quick note, Linkara
    The “poetic thing” Reagan says is probably another joke.

    He’s just taking lines from the official songs of three different Armed Forces and jumbling them into a single sentence. Two of the lines are the majority of the TITLES of the songs.

    Off We Go into the Wild (Blue Yonder) (Air Force)
    As the caissons go rolling (Along) (Army)
    from the halls of Monteczuma (Marine Hymn) (Marines)

    I assume it’s a joke about how Reagan had a couple instances of misquoting previous politicians.

  9. Don’t you think the comic was meant as pro-Reagan?

  10. Hay Linkara I don’t know if you know this already but you tube has taken down your you tube channel. at least here in Australia.

  11. I promised myself I wouldn’t get political here, but the idea of all of the worlds terrorists banding together in an international organisation and proudly referring to themselves as ‘terrorists’ is… so stupid it’s hilarious

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