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Why don’t you see mainstream religions in video games and MMO’s? Tyger has some ideas

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  1. Going to play devils advocate here and point out that in a fictional world an actual earth religion may not make sense

  2. kinda surprised you didn’t mention Civilization 5 or Crusader Kings 2. The latter especially has religion playing a pretty important role in the game. Then again, I’m sure you have a good reason.

    • Mostly because I was trying to keep the focus on MMO’s. Crusader Kinds would be good example, but I wanted to try to keep focus rather than scattershot things. If that makes sense at all.

  3. I think the problem would be mostly that people from around the world would be really uncomfortable watching or playing the thing that is most sacred to them used in a work of fiction, weither it’s in a positive light or not. I mean, putting real people (or what is considered real people from whichever religion) in fantasy settings, like Hitler in Captain America comics or Jesus in South Park is really an american thing to do.

  4. OK, maybe I’m dumb for asking this…but what the hell does ‘vetting the source’ mean? Cute kitten tho. 😛

    • “Vetting” basically means “to verify”.

      Potential employees are vetted to make sure credentials check out and if the candidate has a criminal record; You don’t want an unlicensed esthetician putting hot wax near people’s privates or a child molester working with kids.

      Information sources are vetted so some random idiot is not quoted the same way a reputable news agency would be.

  5. Atheism and gnosticism? How? And from all those simplify stereotypes you only felt the need to add “generic” to native american.

    There are other logistical problems with real life religions in fiction. One is the political: Religious institutes are large political entities with internal and external conflicts and contradictory ideas of themselves and others that often doesn’t match the real world.
    Imagine you were to adapt the Catholic Church in a fantastic fictional world. How would you represent their relation with the Orthodox Church or the Protestant? What about the Crusade? What about the persecution of the pagan religions? What place the minor doctrines would have in the unity of this church? And what about doctrines allowed for political reasons like the Social Doctrine of the Church? Would it also be silenced with the end of the USSR? Your fictional story really need to include all the political organization that surrounded and molded the Catholic Church?
    As you remove elements you get less a representation of said religion and more an fictional religion that may relate to the real one only by name. At that point, why not just rename it?

    Than there is the problem with the fantastical aspect of most of those fictions. Many of the powers and miracles of real world believes would have a lesser effect to people in a world were humans can do magic. The obvious response is to exaggerate the influence of that religion, but that causes another problem: measurable divine influence. The divinity is no longer know only by tradition. Those gods are active parts of people lives. Those people gain powers based on how intense their faith is, how much faith they demonstrate or for their ranks in the temples. Their relation with the divinity don’t leave space for doubt, and for that reason it’s so different from the way real world religion work that it almost can’t be called “religion”.

    • I think he said Generic because it is biased not on any real Native American Religion but on the “new age” cherry picking from all F-Troop version of the various and varied Native American religions.

      Your last point is also a very good one. Religions are belief systems predicated on Faith without Proof…if you and walk up to your god and say “Hi hows your day been” or hand them your Offering in person…you have your proof so it is actually far closer to Science then Religion.

      • The same could be said about the way neopagans see medieval paganism, but since it’s an actual religion I wouldn’t describe as “Generic Paganism”.

        Those fantasy “religions” often lack methodology needed to be described as “science”, but that is a good comparison. It’s one reason why the “Flat Earth Atheist” is soo ridiculous.

  6. There are plenty of games based on Japanese religion. Like Okami and Oboro Muramasa for Wii. Muramasa, especially, was a pretty explicit Buddhist folktale. Of course, no one considers them controversial since Buddhists tend to be pretty laid back about that kind of thing, and I think most Japanese aren’t religious nowadays anyway.

  7. So, I did read the title, and I did expect a discussion about religious content. But what I got was an angry rant about how stupid everyone is when discussing religion online.

    Look. I feel ya in that people on the Internet missing the point and getting angry about things you didn’t say are frustrating as hell. But this is NOT the way to deal with that. The way to deal with it is to do what you know is right, and just ignore anyone who can’t respectfully disagree with you. If they are respectful, consider their points, and then decide whether you think they are valid.

    I mean, half your review was your rant, and the parts where you did explain your point of view were contentious as hell. Every single bit of your video was you on a preemptive attack on those who might get upset at you. Do you really think that’s going to make them not get upset at you?

    I’m someone who would not have gotten angry at all at the points you made. I quibble a bit on the specifics, but the overall points are valid. But the rest of your video, and the tone you took, all made me have to fight the urge to tell you off. Hell, that’s why I’m responding so late.

    I liked you because you were a pretty down to earth dude. But if your videos are just going to be you ranting, I’ll go somewhere else. Rants are only good if they’re funny.

    • You can’t be successful if you keep letting the jerks online get to you and force you to change your content. Just be polite, include a small disclaimer if you think it will help, and then move on.

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