Regretting The Past: Limp Bizkit – Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water

One of the best selling rock albums of all time…is also one of the whiniest and most laughed at. Did you like this video? Want to see me do more of these Regretting The Past videos? Please let me know in the comments!

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Rocked!  A series that at least once a week will take a new album in the rock genre (everything from soft alternative to metal) under review so you can see if it's worth your time and money.


  1. Hey, I like Alien Ant Farm! Their cover of Smooth Criminal still holds up pretty well! …don’t judge me. <_<

    Anyway, I'd love to see more videos like this. I'm sure more than a few of my own old shames will show up, but that's the curse of hindsight, eh?

  2. Badly Drawn Manchild

    Thanks for reminding me that my sister was once obsessed with this album and played it pretty-much non-stop for what felt like a year. What an embarrassment.

    I’ll be honest, this is the first video of yours I’ve ever seen (I’ve gotta admit I was curious about what you had to say about CSatHDFW), and it left a good impression on me. I’ve gotta say this is a fun idea for a series; looking back at all the musical crap that was inexplicably popular and we all now cringe at is something I definitely want to see more of.

  3. This, THIS, is your format so you better stick with it! No disrespect with your album reviews where you are trying to promote other artists that, in your opinion, deserve to be heard but with THIS you made me laugh (especially when I’m neither a hater nor a fan of Limp Bizkit) and allowed me to realise what I like the most this “special” cookie – the freakin’ Wes Borland!

    P.s. the Undetaker’s “American Bad Ass” gimmick, where he used the Rollin’ as an entrance theme song, was used under Smacdown brand, not Raw, though there might have been a couple of appearences there too
    P.s.s. also, on Wrestlemania XIX, Limp Bizkit performed Rollin’ live as Undertaker made his entrance….yeah, back then, Vince and WWE was not trying to appeal children or even wider audience like nowadays, kind of missing it 🙁

  4. I didn’t realize that album had sold so well lol I mean, I remember kinda having a guilty pleasure for a couple of their songs, but just wow. I don’t remember if I bought this album, so I hope I didn’t contribute to its sales lol

    Absolutely want more of these reviews of old album regrets lol

  5. Honestly, it’s kind of a guilty pleasure to listen to nu metal, only its past. As for the band, I stopped listening to them after this album because they stopped being the band I used to love, kind of like Linkin Park.

  6. Pretty sure I never listened to Limp Bizkit on purpose, but I think I’ve heard every one of these songs before. That’s crazy.

    Hope to see more of these videos!

  7. Let’s face it Chocolate Starfish sold off the back of Take a Look Around – No other reason!

    I believe Rolling was the second single and although it is a catchy song it’s not actually good.

    The rest of the album is just Trash!

    If you want a good Limp Bizkit album you have to go all the way back to 1997 and 3 Dollar Bill Y’all {Pollution and Counterfeit are Superb and Faith is one of the best Covers ever!}.

  8. You better not review Tubthumper. That album’s more underrated by the hardcore Chumba fandom and by the mainstream that people think. People were iffed that it was very political.

  9. I would just like to point out that on “Hold On” where up you mentioned that this was the one song that showed promise in vocals and lyrics was due to Scott Weiland of STP and Velvet Revolver fame doing most of the singing and lyrical work and not actually Fred Durst.

  10. It’s a shame that these guys exists. Now I’m just waiting for the Nickelback episode of this.

    Might I make a suggestion for Steven Wilson? He’s the vocalist/guitarist for Porcupine Tree and his new solo album comes out this week (I hear it’s really good)

  11. After listening (as much as I could stomach) to Attila and Emmure, I can now appreciate Limp Bizkit in the same way that Lady Gaga makes me appreciate Madonna’s subtlety. Seriously, Fred Durst should have them open for him. LB are The Beatles in comparison.

  12. FakeBritishPerson

    Jesus this album. I knew so many people who had this back in middle school, they were so edgycoolguysyo, gag me. Honestly, Limp Bizkit is just so goddamn annoying, go away Fred Durst, back to Florida where nobody will care about your existence.

  13. So you’re telling me that wasn’t one long continuous bout of white guys rapping to guitar music, but instead several rock songs?

    • Nope,it one huge jackass swearing up a storm with an idiot guitarist who cared more about his makeup that his ability to play and a bunch of musicians who sold out to mediocrity to be in a sucessful band!Fred Durst is the main reason the 90s sucked as a music era(that and MTV VJ’s like Kennedy).

  14. I’ll admit it: I listened to Limp Bizkit in high school. Which in hindsight was the first indicator that they were in trouble, because I was the MOST UNCOOL KID EVER. Sure enough, just a year or two later their popularity and marketability crashed and never recovered. My patronage has long been the Kiss of Death for musical acts and the first indication that their decline is nigh.

  15. Ahahahahaha! Limp Bizkit!

    Thanks for having me cameo. 🙂

    – Ryan

  16. Now for part 2 of my opinion. I still occasionally listen to their tracks, but not the entirety of this album. This definitely came out during times when it was apparently okay to be an angry teen.

    And as for why the band has not been great afterwards, here’s why: Wes Borland quit the band after this album, and it showed with the quality of their music afterwards. None of them made me want to listen to them, they even made a cover to “Behind Blue Eyes,” which was okay but “Eat You Alive” was goddamn stupid. Afterwards, I never heard them again, until 2009 with “Shotgun” and it was stupid. Plus, they are now signed with Cash Money Records, a literal home to some of the worst rappers that people pay money to see. That’s bad.

    Love the review, and I hope to see more, because I know Nickelback will be there. *shudder*

  17. I love Limp Bizkit and file them under the guilty pleasure section.

    To me they are vastly underrated as musicians because of Fred Durst’s mostly stupid lyrics. Seriously listen to any Limp Bizkit song as an instrumental and I bet you find it surprisingly good.

    I still say The Unquestionable Truth Part 1 is a good one because Fred Durst seemed to take care with his lyrics.

    Then again I’m a massive Wes Borland fan so maybe I’m like an abused spouse who forgives every bad thing they do

  18. I’m not sure but I think the album, UK version at least, had a track called It’ll be ok, but it suffers from pretty much everything else on this album.

    Also, I think Machinehead’s Supercharger is actually worse than this record but, this one was just all over the place, you couldn’t escape it.

  19. I admit, I actually like “My Way” and “Rollin'” a bit, just because it was part of my youth, and like you said, the music is good.

    (I think I’m one of five people that actually liked Undertaker’s biker era. I mean, I prefer him as ‘Taker, but I didn’t mind the biker era any. *shrugs*)

    I’d like to see someone delete the vocal tracks and re-do them with lyrics that don’t suck, or at least just have the instrumentals released. And I wonder, if Fred Durst sounded different, do you think it would be a bit better (bad lyrics notwithstanding)?

  20. Thankfully I never got into Limp Biscuit when they where popular (I never understood the appeal to be honest) but yeah this would be a great series to revisit what was popular in the past and either ask our collective selves “what where we thinking.”

  21. Limp Bizkit… Not even once.

  22. Oh god.
    Thank you for this I was just thinking a while ago “I never should have complained about how shitty rock was in the early 2000’s because now we are at the point you never hear about any rock bands at all”

    No this was legit awful complaints were valid.

  23. i was eight when this came out, but i grew up on stuff like korn,slipknot,bizkit, ect. family had ‘three dollar bill yall’ before they blew up with significant other. thankfully, they thought hot dog flavored water sucked and i wasn’t subjected to it aside from the singles. i heard their follow up album without wes borland is spectacularly awful, it’s the sixth worst rated album on metacritic.

  24. I do not know what this is but it is not Rock, also they bastardized a song by the Who. Now get off my lawn you punks. (waves cane angrily)

    • With all due respect to your excellent bit of humor,disliking LB doesn’t make you old,it makes you sane!Of course if you’re still shaking that cane at,say,the Beastie Boys,then we need to step outside.

  25. In Cinema Snob’s review of the “Sgt Pepper” movie,he talked about music fascism in reference to the anti-disco movement and asked”Where were these people when music really sucked?”I believe he was talking about this group and this album!Fred Durst is a whiny,untalented,self-absorbed man-child who takes no responsibility for his actions.Remember the Woodstock incident when officials asked him to calm the audience and he instead incites the crowd.Then when he’s taken to task for his irresponsibility,he writes some crappy song with an even crappier videotrying to justify his lousy judgement.As if we don’t get it.No Fred we get it…YOU’RE AN A*****E!

  26. Great review! This review was giving me PTSD, I swear I was having ‘Nam flashbacks of pre-9/11 America. My older sister would play this album one repeat (along with the first Slipknot album) in 2000, I remember having to steal the CD and hiding it under my bed, so I can play Pokemon Gold in peace. I do have one nit-pick about this review, on “Hold On”, the singer for the first verse is Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots, Fred Durst comes in to attempt to ruin the song on the second verse. In my opinion, that’s only decent song on there; it shows briefly what Limp Bizkit could be like without Fred Durst exercising his Peter Pan/Persecution complex over their music.

  27. Yes, do more “Regretting the Past”! These are funny videos & you’re talking about a music genre I like, though I know of a ton of stinkers in it. I’d suggest a video on Drowning Pool: Sinner. I recall owning the CD, listening to it for a long while, but then regretting it because I listened to the lyrics to the majority of their songs & the band is obsessed with themselves! Every track after track reminds you how much they love themselves and don’t give a shit about anyone.

    Also do Creed at some point, & the various other bands with similar vocals that are a nightmare to listen to. There are too many to listen to…

    Some really good bands with female vocals I would suggest checking out if you haven’t heard them already are Delain, Amerenthe (highly), Nemesea, Xandria, & Supernova. I am wondering about your opinion about Nightwish & their journey through the years.

    Also, just curious, what do you think about J-rock bands like Girugamesh, Maximum the Hormone, & this new band called Babymetal?

  28. I still pull out Limp Bizkit for some nostalgia every once in awhile, but yeah, in retrospect the album was kinda bleh. Nowadays I just pull out the Icon compilation and The Unspeakable Truth (which is actually I feel a really good album. Like there’s some genuine anger there, and they’re trying to say something bigger for once. Shame Gold Cobra went back to the typical. I wanted to see them branch out more instead of retreat to the safe)

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