Regretting The Past: Nickelback – Silver Side Up

Everyone’s favorite Canadian punching bags are legitimate chart topping millionaires€…but HOW?!

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  1. I’ll admit that I only ever listened to Never Again and How you remind Me when I had the album, but i’ve found that despite Nickelback’s reputation almost every album of theirs has some tracks that truly make me feel happy and pumped up listening to them. I’d say that the “Dark Horse” and the “This is War” album’s are the two that I am the most fond of.

  2. Don’t worry, I have a feeling Devin Townsend’s kids will make decent music.

  3. Oomph’s Wunschkind had a pretty intense opening song, but then that album is about child abuse so i guess it fits.

  4. You know what the horrible irony is?
    I’m not that into rock. I listen to weird indietronic. Even with my high school interest in metal, Nickelback only briefly popped up on my radar.
    Yet the idea of scientifically evaluating and replicating songs that worked?
    It hurts to say this but …I respect that. Not from an artistic perspective, oh GOD no, but …hey, it’s science. It lets us learn things about people. Pursuing it is a worthy endeavor simply for what it shows us about the universe.

    The fact that it shows us that people have bad taste… well, sometimes data’s horrifying…

  5. “Just For” was actually a remake of “Just Four” which appeared on their debut album, Curb, all the way back in 1996. The original version sounds less polished and has a very Nirvana-esque feel to it – perhaps Kyle Kallgren was right?

    The original:

    The Silver Side Up remake:

  6. Oh my, you really tortured yourself this time, I wonder what’s coming next? xD

  7. Looking at my .mp3 list and found 6 Creed songs on it from the early 2000’s. Haven’t listened to them since then. Sometimes we like something and then later go, “What the hell was wrong with me?” Live and learn I guess. Although, I can’t see why some groups or artists like Nickelback or Air Supply were ever popular.

  8. TheHappySpaceman

    You know, as much as I’d like to be part of the in-crowd with this, I don’t really have anything against Nickelback. Yeah, Chad Kroeger’s voice sounds bad, but so did Dylan’s, Cobain’s, and most metal singers. Yeah, their songs are often repetitive and lazy, but a lot are also catchy. And they’re definitely not the worst band of all time in my opinion–you should listen to Blood on the Dance Floor and One Direction before calling Nickelback the worst band of all time. So you got that? I don’t hate them, I think they’re okay.

    But with that said, all my claims about them disappear the minute I hear the song “Rockstar.” I hate that song so much, and that wasn’t originally the case because I thought it was meant to be satire. But no, Chad Kroeger meant it all literally, and it turns into yet another song about partying, fortune and fame. Nickelback’s equivalent of “Life’s Been Good,” if you will, another song about the rock star lifestyle that I can’t stand. (No offense, Joe Walsh.)

    This album has “How You Remind Me” on it, one of the few songs I like from this band, but I haven’t listened to it all the way through, so maybe it does suck. I don’t know.

    Say, I have a question. Have you ever thought about going back and looking at rock albums that were given really low critical, commercial or audience ratings at the time of their release (e.g. Hot Space, St. Anger, and Chris Cornell’s Scream) and analyze whether or not they were really that bad? I’m just asking because I’m thinking of starting my own review series where I do just that, and I’d hate to copy your schtick by accident.

  9. I saw Nickelback open for 54-40 when I was just a young ‘un. I remember thinking it wasn’t really my thing, but they were good at what they did and might get somewhere with it. I may have even kinda liked “Leader of Men” back then. Less than a year later, Silver Side Up came out, and you couldn’t turn on a radio without hearing “How You Remind Me”. That’s about the time I stopped listening to the radio.

  10. the great pumpkin king

    I am going to say it I like nickel back (gasp) I first saw them back i in the day watching a much music show that aired at midnight they would play nothing but hard rock and metal. I liked them ever since.

    I see your point with this album I really like most their stuff past this album the long road, dark horse two really great albums.

    a nit pick about this review you kinda come of as a bit a just an inch to pretentious, kinda heard as “their not real rock and roll ect ect” You sure you do not work a dark owl records lol.

    I do like you show I have been introduced to a lot of interesting bands .through your show such as in this moment and have got me on a kick of listening to and finding fem fatal vocal style rock and metal

  11. Moviemantweeter1999

    Wow I couldn’t think of a show better then this to punch on Nickel back you go bro. Good review. Personally my favorite Nickel back song is this afternoon because its just so stupid but its just a laid back dumb but fun song. But I like coldplay way better and people should be listening to them more then Nickelback. But on the subject of a catchy song selling well I hate beyonce’s seven eleven its so annoying and the beat is awful. But Goodly enough Chad Kroger and Avril Lavigne broke up so good thing they won’t be having a demon baby(but then again thanks for the nightmares xd).

    • sophronia_chaos

      Erm, they are still married. But Av has been married before and didn’t have any kids, so there’s hope.

      *disappointed sigh* Avril used to have artistic integrity and solid material, then she decided to record her third album drunk and it all went downhill.

  12. This band rubbed me the wrong way the minute I heard their first single. When I heard the first verse or so, I knew this song was going to be bad.

    Too bad because Chad Kroeger ain’t bad, as I kind of liked his song with Saliva’s vocalist from Spiderman’s movie, “Hero.”

  13. I dont think I ever listened to this album as Nickelback was never my list. I dont really think the songs you played are all that bad to be honest, they might not have aged well but then again that kind of music is also targeted at a younger audience.
    Its a shame it was made just for making a profit though, I always thought Kroeger(?) is doing it for the art – real shame.
    All the other criticism I dont really feel are valid, “emo” lyrics is good for helping people to identify with the lyrics, which is most importantly true for teenagers (a big part of this kind of musics audience), this at the same time means better sales obviously. Nirvana did the same thing (lyrically better of course) – the singing to be honest is on a similar level too.
    I sure like the idea of this show though and look forward to your take on Creed as I do not have listened to any of their albums either but I didnt find their hit songs too bad and some good stuff has come from them later on (Alter Bridge that is)
    I think that music style has really aged badly – I mean 3 Doors Down, Staind, Hoobastank(or however they were called) – maybe even Puddle of Mudd (I really liked some of their songs and havent heard them in ages so not really sure) – and bands in that vein you cant really listen that seriously to anymore. Guess that what happens with poprock in general (hence the “pop”)

  14. Good show I look forward to more of these. I gotta side with some of the others here and say that ive never quite understood the Nickelback hate. Yeah they’re kinda generic but they have made some catchy songs.

  15. What’s the big deal if people like formula & familiarity? I have nothing against creativity and art in music, but Joe Average needs music too.

    Nickelback is bland, but harmless. Their radio hits make for fine “background music” – the stuff you hear in clothing stores, at sporting events, and at bars. Sort of “hanging out” music.

    AC/DC is the definitive formula band. The vast majority of their songs have had the exact same structure since their first album 40 years ago. Yet the man on the street loved them then, and loves them now. They’ve sold over 200 million albums, and sell out almost every show they do, including massive stadiums, and get five-star reviews in the process.

    People know what they like. Feel free to keep on pushing the envelope, but expect to fail more than you succeed…

  16. TheTatteredKingInYellow

    Man I like your reviews but as an MCR fan I can vehemently deny them writing lyrics like that. They have a love of horror movies, Iron Maiden, and comics so everything they write is really bombastic and over the top. Take for example the entirety of the song “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” there is much more passion and creativity in that one song then the entirety of Nickelback’s discography.

    • I think MCR is an infuckingcredible band and also raised a “wait, what?” eyebrow at the implication that they could write lyrics even half as shit as Nickelback. Also I dislike calling MCR emo since Gerard has stated he doesn’t like MCR being called such.

  17. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates “Photograph” with a burning passion of a thousand suns.

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