Resident Evil 0 – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan talks about Resident Evil 0 now on the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC which was previously released on the Gamecube. Did the original Resident Evil really need a prequel or was there more backstory we needed to learn about Umbrella and the Mansion Incident?

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  1. I actually prefer this game’s take on the partner system as it’s more true to the original formula, and the two characters can separate and go off on their own, not to mention that Rebecca does get to be off on her own in both the beginning of the game and about 2/3 in. Also, while the puzzles take more work, I like that they incorporate the partner mechanic as it adds an extra layer to puzzles in this game. I would probably grow tired of it if it was used in more than one game, but as it stands, it makes this game unique.

    For me though, the lack of an item stash is the real pain. Having to find a space to stash my increasingly large item pile for the duration of a particular part of the game then move it all again when I move on is a huge hassle and I’m actually thankful to have two characters to work with as that means more inventory space. Otherwise, this game looks nice, is a good throwback to the games of old, and makes me miss the days when this series was racist instead of sexist.

  2. While not the best of the old style games, I actually like Zero more than CV. At the very least it has the same amazing pre rendered backgrounds as the RE1 remake. It was really cool going through some of the same areas as RE2, I love little touches of continuity like that. Hopefully that’s not the closest we ever get to a RE2 remake, Capcom has been suspiciously quiet on the subject since it was announced over a year ago.

    The enemy variety is great as you mentioned. It is a truly horrifying experience to see your character get slowly consumed by one of those giant toads. And the Proto-Tyrant is awesome, I love how janky and twitchy it is. I have mixed feelings about the removal of the item boxes. On the one hand it’s nice to be able to drop shit you don’t need anywhere, on the other hand you have to go back for items you need in other areas, the fucking hook shot being a prime example. Billy gets the corny line of the game award, “Hey queeny! Feast on this!”

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