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Ryan talks about Resident Evil 3: Nemesis for the PSX. Was this a game that could stand on it’s own with the impending release of Resident Evil Code Veronica on the Dreamcast months later? Or was it just a cheap cash in for Jill Valentine Fanservice. Also: STARS.

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  1. Sony never had “rights” to Resident Evil. Resident Evil games showed up for every other system at the time. Even the infamous Tiger got a RE2 port lol.

    Resident Evil 3 was announced and came out quite a bit before Dreamcast and Code Veronica. It had a nice amount of Buzz going for it back in the day. It wasn’t the “pity” release for PSX owners.

    Lastly, while RE3 wasn’t quite as stellar as RE2, it was still pretty good and a solid entry in the series. It completed the trilogy of PSX games nicely.

  2. I disagree. I actually think Resident Evil 3 is superior to Code Veronica. Fun fact: both titles were in development around the same time, and CV was in development just a little bit longer as it was actually originally planned to be the third entry in the series while Jill’s game was going to be called something like Escape from Raccoon City.

    I actually like that Jill’s game came first as it allowed time to stagger character appearances and up until Resident Evil 6 no character had starred in two games in a row. On a side note, Chris’s story is my least favourite in Resident Evil 6. Maybe it can be argued that 3 is Jill fanservice but 1/4 of 6 is phoned in Chris fanservice that makes zero narrative sense, and is a giant middle finger to Jill fans.

    I will say that the weakest aspect of 3 for me is the narrative as it isn’t the best title story wise. However, the gameplay more than makes up for it. It introduced a system to counter enemy attacks and even had a fun ammo crafting system. I disagree that the game isn’t very scary as Nemesis is the dictionary definition of scary. The fact that he shows up all the time can get annoying, but not only is he unbelievably powerful, but it’s uncertain when he’s going to show up which I’d call scary as there’s always the sense that he’s still out there – at least for the first 2/3 of the game.

    If I recall correctly the boss at the end isn’t actually Nemesis, which is different, but I think the more cliched trope of having the main adversary be the final boss would have been better here. Oh well. I wouldn’t say this game is perfect but while I love CVX and think it’s a great title in its own right, it does feel like a step back mechanically and that’s because it actually is an older title that was in development long enough that it just ended up being released on newer hardware at the time. It certainly wasn’t in development hell to the extent that RE0 was mind you.

    On an interesting note, classic RE actually seemed to favour its female cast more. Would you say that the older titles were more progressive than the newer ones?

    • Yeah, Code Veronica is probably my least favourite in the main series. While I do like the story (Alfred is wonderfully over the top) gameplay wise I’ve always found it to be a bit of a slog to play through. Also the pre rendered backgrounds of the ps1 games have aged better and have more detail than the early 3d used in CV. Regarding female leads in the more recent games, have you played Revelations 2? Claire and Moira are both great, strong female protagonists.

      • I started playing Revelations 2 this year since I didn’t like how it was released episodically and waited until I could get the disc version for $10. I’ll be covering it and the original Revelations in the future.

        – Ryan

      • @OldManHermit I actually still really like CVX and would take it over 5 or 6 any day, but it is my second least favourite out of what I would term the classic Resident Evil games. It just feels like an extension of the previous games minus the creative touches they had to give it that extra spark. I do agree that 3 has aged better visually and mechanically.

        I have played both Revelations games, and think it’s about time the leading ladies of the series got to be the mains, and also think it’s about time we got decent supporting female leads too. That’s not the only thing the Revelations series does that makes it feel like a throwback to the roots of the series, and is in fact only a small part of why I hope we get a Revelations 3 one day. I mean I think adult Sherry is cool and don’t mind Helena while Ada’s jut great in every game she appears in, but that didn’t save 6 in my book. I just wish Revelations 1 and 2 weren’t treated as side stories when I actually think they’re more true Resident Evil titles than 5 and 6, and even the latest entry in the series.

        It’s like there’s a divide between fans of the classic series and more modern and/or casual fans that just can’t be reconciled, even though I think Revelations is the ideal compromise between the old and new. It seems like main entry titles going forward are going to be cash-ins on current trends while those of us who want an actual Resident Evil title have to hold out for Revelations.

        • I agree, the Revelations games are probably the best balance of the old style RE and the new style that was ushered in with RE4, a game which I still consider a masterpiece. That being said, REmake remains my fav in the entire series. RE5 is kind of enjoyably corny, and I like how it ties in with the older games regarding the origins of Umbrella. There’s maybe 20% of RE6 that I like, largely consisting of the first half of Leon’s campaign, and that one snake boss in Chris’. But it overall misses the point I think, and the story is godawful.

          I’m actually rather excited for RE7. While I concur it’s definitely capitalizing off of the current first person horror trend, I’m glad the focus is shifted away from action and more towards actually being scary and atmospheric.

          • Yeah, I’m willing to give 7 the benefit of the doubt even though the demo didn’t inspire much confidence. I probably won’t get it for a while and will reserve my judgment until I do, but while I’m glad horror and puzzles and limited ammo and saves will be the focus.

            The demo just didn’t feel Resident Evil enough to me and I think it’s more than just the first person perspective that’s throwing me off. Like with the more actiony titles it’s a game I’d probably enjoy 10x more if it wasn’t a Resident Evil title. However, as I said I’m willing to give it a chance, and maybe a new Revelations game will continue the RE soap. I’d just love for Jill’s whereabouts in the current timeline to be acknowledged as I fear she’s now the new Claire.

            I will say that 4 is easily my favourite of the more “modern” titles. It’s often criticized for ushering in the more actiony titles, but it’s a direction I would have supported, had later entries not been a huge departure from even it. I actually disliked 4 at first for being different from past entries but then it won me over by virtue of just being a great game in its own right. Here’s hoping that will be the case with 7 as well.

    • I would say yes. After RE3, the females in the series were reduced down to damsels in Distress or just partners instead of lead characters.

      – Ryan

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