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Ryan talks about Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube, and now available on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. As the game that changed the entire series, does it still hold up today and was it the best decision on Capcom’s part after their tired and true Zombie killing formula?

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  1. I remember hating this game at first because it was such a huge departure from the old formula, and that may be partially why it’s only my 4th favourite game in the series, but that’s saying a lot since I recently ranked the 10 main series games prior to 7, and 5 and 6 hold my 9th and 10th spots respectively, with 4 actually beating out the Revelations titles in my book.

    Yeah, this game created the whole dichotomy between what makes a good survival horror game and what makes a good Resident Evil game, and I remember struggling with that as I was playing through the game for the first time as it occurred to me when I reached the battle with that giant troll that I actually love that game, but still struggled with the idea that it’s a Resident Evil game and not a new IP.

    There are a few minor things I dislike too, one being the fight with Krauser as it meant nothing to us as an audience until five years later when Darkside Chronicles came out and we found out who he was instead of just thinking “who’s this guy?” Another is of course the whole rushed end to the original story arc and the plot holes it created. Last but not least, Ashley Graham is not only annoying and useless, but a character like that has no place in the Resident Evil series where women typically aren’t damsels who need a male lead to save them. At least Ada kind of balances her out by being awesome. I actually think Salazar is kind of cute and feel a little bad for him, but only a little and maybe that’s just me.

    Overall though, I have to respect this game and admit that I love it as it won me over based on its own merits in the gameplay, character and story departments, and that’s no small feat as I had a pre-conceived notion of what a game in this series should be, and still do, and 4 was just way outside of the realm of what I expected.

    I’m just hoping I’ll feel the same way about 7 when I finally play it. It’s another huge departure and the demo feels like the start of a solid first person survival horror title, but not really a Resident Evil title. However, I’m willing to give the full game the benefit of the doubt. If 4 could win me over then so could 7. I’ve heard mixed impressions from people who claim to be longtime fans of Resident Evil from the old school and they’re the only ones whose opinion I care about, so…that doesn’t assuage my skepticism that 7 is my kind of Resident Evil, but it doesn’t make it any worse.

    • I’ve been loving 7 and it’s definitely a return to form for the RE series. I’m really excited to do the Awesome Video Game Memories video for it. šŸ™‚

      – Ryan

  2. Yeah, I could go on for hours about how amazing RE4 is. It was exactly the adrenaline shot the series needed at the time. However, I do recall a very vocal minority of fans online who endlessly bitched about how much they hated it. “where are my tank controls?” “The puzzles are too easy…bla bla.” Personally I love the old style games, but I fully embraced what RE4 was doing. I look at it as the Temple of Doom of the series. Just this crazy, dark, unrelenting rollercoaster ride of an experience.

    That being said, my fav in the entire series is still the RE1 remake on gamecube. I just fell in love with the beautifully decayed environments. So much so that it inspired me to get into urban exploration. I’ve since done a whole series of paintings of abandoned buildings, the initial creative spark of which I can credit to playing RE1 in high school. So as you can imagine, RE7 is a dream come true for me. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, I think it really is by far the best in the series since 4. Once again RE reinvents itself in a new and exciting way.

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