Resident Evil 4 – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan talks about Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube, and now available on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. As the game that changed the entire series, does it still hold up today and was it the best decision on Capcom’s part after their tired and true Zombie killing formula?

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I remember hating this game at first because it was such a huge departure from the old formula, and that may be partially why it’s only my 4th favourite game in the series, but that’s saying a lot since I recently ranked the 10 main series games prior to 7, and 5 and 6 hold my 9th and 10th spots respectively, with 4 actually beating out the Revelations titles in my book. Yeah, this game created the whole dichotomy between what makes a good survival horror game and what makes a good Resident Evil game, and I remember struggling with… Read more »
Yeah, I could go on for hours about how amazing RE4 is. It was exactly the adrenaline shot the series needed at the time. However, I do recall a very vocal minority of fans online who endlessly bitched about how much they hated it. “where are my tank controls?” “The puzzles are too easy…bla bla.” Personally I love the old style games, but I fully embraced what RE4 was doing. I look at it as the Temple of Doom of the series. Just this crazy, dark, unrelenting rollercoaster ride of an experience. That being said, my fav in the entire… Read more »