Resident Evil 7 Kitchen PSVR (PS4) – Battle Geek Plus

The BGP crew plays through the Resident Evil 7 Kitchen Demo on Playstation VR for the PS4. Will they be able to get out of the kitchen or is something sinister waiting for them?

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  1. LOL Frank, does she look like she’s helping you?

    I just got my PSVR last week and my girlfriend and I have been playing it nonstop all weekend and we LOVE it. The RE7 Kitchen demo is SO immersive and really makes you feel like you’re there tied up in that house.

    I can’t wait for RE7 and it’s going to blow people’s minds especially in VR. Videos DO NOT do VR justice. You have to put on the headset for real and play it for yourselves.

    I also watched Ryan’s reaction to Here They Lie on your channel and please do that game next!

  2. I’m so stoked for this game. I’ve seen the first couple teasers, but I’ve been actively avoiding watching anything more, as I want to go in completely blind. Definitely looks like a return to form for RE.

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