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Ryan reviews the Resident Evil Remake available on the Gamecube, PS4, PC, Xbox One, and many other systems. Is the remake a rehash of the excellent, but flawed original? Or is it a unique experience on it’s own?

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  1. Lol, yeah I also picked this up at a Toys R’ Us back in 2002, I still have that copy, although I’ve since purchased the 360 remaster. It remains one of my fav games of all time, it’s just dripping with that Resident Evil atmosphere that really defines the series for me. And Lisa Trevor and Crimson Heads are among the freakiest enemies of all the games. I actually have a copy of the ps1 director’s cut, but i haven’t been able to make it through the whole game yet. It’s difficult to go back after first experiencing the remake.

  2. Dear Capcom, please bring back Jill or at least acknowledge her whereabouts.

    But yeah, I agree that this game is great, but doesn’t quite replace the original. It adds a whole bunch of stuff, at least a good portion of which was supposed to be in the original game but was cut due to the memory limitations of 5th gen discs/carts. Actually, I think the PS1 game is only one disc (don’t quote me on that), so maybe it’s the N64 version that necessitated having content cut, but either way we still got an excellent game.

    I think some of the voice acting is still fairly cheesy, just not as much, and some of the lines definitely are, though aren’t as iconic. Also, no matter how well acted the line is, “it’s a monster” is still cheesy as heck.

    I do think this version lacks the old school charm of the original but makes up for it by not only adding new content, but just being its own thing in general. Crimson Heads alone make this version of the game stand out from any other entry in the series. I love when heads explode in the game, and I even got lucky in my Jill playthrough when I killed two zombies on a staircase and used kerosene on one expecting to only have to deal with one Crimson Head, only for the fire to burn them both!

    I still haven’t played Arranged Mode on the PS1 version as I was introduced to the series through the DS port (though I think I have the PS1 version sitting in my PSN backlog). I do really like REbirth Mode though. I like it, REmake and the original game for different reasons so I don’t know if I can choose a favourite, though the original would probably be my choice if I did. I only played REmake once though, so I don’t remember it too well and definitely want to replay it at some point.

    • I don’t believe the original Resident Evil was ever ported to the N64, however RE2 was.

      As far as bad voice acting in the remake, I think Chris has the worst line,

      ‘Wesker, you’ve become senile!” An insult which is not only lame, but makes no sense.

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