Retro Horror and What it Says About Us – Make Horror Great Again

Why are we living in the past, and why is that a bad thing?

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I don’t think fear of the supernatural is something that will be going away any time soon. I also don’t think retro horror is necessarily connected to it, just about any type of horror is going to be more suspenseful without access to today’s communication technology.


Agree, like with horror RPG sessions.. when you play in modern times you need find way to deal with cellphones, cameras, internet and other shit like that. It may be fun as focus of game, but typically is easier to place story in 90’ties of even before that and simply ignore modern distractions.


Yes, that’s a big part of why I write my stuff in the 80s or earlier. It’s scary for teens today to see all those people without modern technology. LoL

Chicken Puppet
I think your discussion starts off very strong in relating the trends of the day to their contemporary horror metaphors, but you don’t really make too much of a strong case for the reasons behind retro horror. It’s fine, but the opening part of the discussion was far more interesting. I would add in part, it seems like Gen X is finally finding it’s footing as the people in charge of major creative productions. Obviously late 80s and 90s nostalgia will play a role in that, as late 50s and 60s nostalgia played a role in the television programming of… Read more »