Retro ZBOX-ing with Guru Larry

The British are coming! In the form of monthly goodie boxes. Larry takes a look at British retailer Zavvi’s foray into the monthly box craze with their Retro video game inspired “Retro Box”

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  1. Well now I have an idea as to what’s going to be in my ZBox whenever it comes to this side of the pond…

  2. Moviemantweeter1999

    This was on YouTube this time and I’m subscribed to you on YouTube(nice). Anyways i liked that you went though every little thing. I also like how this boxing service asks for your shirt size because in the last angry geek’s unboxing videos they didn’t ask for his size and he just had to end up giving the shirt up to his friend. Also those pop vinyl figures are really popular over here in America(they have a lot of them inside the hot topic i go to at my mall).

    • Ah thanks for the sub dude, muchly appreciated!!! and thank you for the kind words!

      Yeah, Blip has come to the phase where I’m literally getting nothing out of it. I’m lucky to earn 10 cents from some videos despite them doing really well view wise!

      Also the fact they still don’t offer 1080p after all these years still irks me, as I had to upload a lower quality video each and every time >.>

  3. Hmm, do question if SEGA, Sony and Namco gave authorisation for their characters to be used for this, Britain seems rife with using Sonic’s image for unauthorised purposes.

    Did you hear about the Mega Drive Book kickstarter that happened a while back? Just curious based on your Mega Drive enthusiasm.

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