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Or: Faith, Kindness and Luke. For our last episode before The Force Awakens (EEEEEE!!!) let’s discuss Return of the Jedi, trusting other people to do their jobs, following your conscience, and generally Being A Stubborn Idealistic Twerp.

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  1. Good points. Which is pretty much why the rumours about him not being in the trailers because he’s gone to the Dark Side…… well, that would be very difficult to pull off persuasively…..

    • Well.. everyone know that Luck know Dark Side skills in EU, but I don’t know how deep that aspect was explored there?

    • I’d like to think Disney wouldn’t be foolish enough to take one of the most iconic science fantasy heroes of all time & turn him into a Sith Lord, that would be a deal breaker, even if Mark Hamill has played a lot of entertaining villains like the Joker, Skeleton King, & Fire Lord Ozai. It would hurt the original trilogy big time if its hero went over to the Dark Side (even more so than the prequels, if that’s even possible lol), not to mention would be unoriginal since Luke would just be repeating Vader’s story all over again. So yeah, here’s to hoping Luke’s absence from the trailers is just Disney wisely hiding Luke’s scenes so we can all be blown away by how awesome he is in the new film, saving the best for the big screen as it were >;3

  2. It’s the retconning of Zahn’s trilogy {and the later duology too} that is causing me to dread The Force Awakens!
    For me Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command are Star Wars VII, VIII and IX! And when Salvatore killed Chewbacca and gave Mara an incurable disease I simply stopped reading the Expanded Universe.
    There were Expanded Universe books before then that I didn’t like but none that made me think about not buying or even reading more….Not until Salvatore!

    I will watch Force Awakens but I’m 99% certain it won’t be Star Wars – For me Heir to the Empire etc will always be Canon while the prequels will never be!

  3. Great and hilarious review as always! Some of this stuff about Luke I had never really noticed, like his deep desire to do the right thing. Makes me like him more

    Also watching you talking about Anakin and Luke parallels about love remind me of the parallels you raised in The Mummy Returns: the ones about how love can make you selfish or selfless.

    What do you think of the Ewoks: I seem to be the only person who likes them. Also do you read these comments? Just curious, hope you don’t think I’m being rude or something.

    • Sometimes. πŸ™‚ And I have no particularly strong feelings on Ewoks. Though they remind me a bit of guinea pigs. And I like guinea pigs, so there’s that.

      • Oh, hi! You read my comments… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I hope you don’t mind my saying but this is super cool!!

        Also I never really thought guinea pigs: more forest Care Bears.

        Also what do you think about Disney’s decision to remove the Leia slave costume from existence?

        • Eh.

          Not having any new merch which features it (which is what they mean, right?) bothers me exactly not at all.

          • Yeah they mean that.
            I can see why people would be bothered by it but in the film itself she’s not really sexualized and no one makes a big deal out of it.

            Also she rains vengeance on the guy who did it to her so that kind of negates the negative connotations a bit.

            Also what about the business of removing the Princess from her name?
            It made her one of the coolest Disney princesses ever, like Merida.
            Both actually fit your suggestions in your Disney princess video: they’re reasonably proportioned and men aren’t their goal.

            Thought on that?

    • Those should be Wookiee and those are Wookiee to my. Similarly I ignore “Lucas factor” in New Trilogy considering it as canon, but without stupid shit like Jar Jar.

  4. 02:17
    That’s the beauty of it.
    The scenes with Luke, Vader and the Emperor are (sort of) not part of the main plot, i.e. Rebellion vs Empire. Instead, those scenes are there to:
    a) give Vader a chance to redeem himself
    b) confirm that Luke rejects the Dark Side
    (about the Emperor ”dying anyway”, one must note that, as Luke escaped in the shuttle, the Emperor could have done that too, if Vader didn’t turn on him)

    • …and, as you said, if Luke accepted the Dark Side, he would probably escape the destruction of Death Star (like he did in the film), and the Empire would get a new Vader or the Emperor, in Luke.

  5. I think he accepts that The Darkside will always be a part of him unlike Vader. Let me explain, The Darkside is ultimately the path of aggression and control. Luke recognizes that he has these tendencies, but that they are the wrong path. Vader never fully realized that he had those tendencies, and that’s why he fell. In realizing, “Hey, I can be a controlling aggressive douchebag,” Luke realized that he sometimes needs to back off, Vader never realized this; always rationalizing away all of the horrible shit he did.

    • Basically Dark Side isn’t evil like Light Side isn’t good. This split was always artificial and both terms referee simply to use of emotions in force (though technically Dark Side also include all combat and purely harmful sills even if they aren’t based on emotions). Through negative motions you can highly boost you power but it be wild and self-destructible, that is why Jedi train to use skills based on logic and in efficient way instead. But technically love can also boost power and skills based on it also are considered as Dark Side as love cloud judgment and commonly lead to despair (Anakin fall because his love to Padme after all).

      It is worth to mention here that not all Sith are evil, as there was always suggested that Corrielian Jedi have Sith origin and practice in secret as will to understand force as a whole don’t always mean being a idiot (and they were hard nut for Empire). In fact most destructible Sith were typically more fallen Jedi like Raven or Malak then true Sith and Sidius break the code.. not to mention that if KotOR is canon it would mean that basically whole New Jedi Order was partially created under Sith influence. Her also it is worth to remind that Qui-Gon Jin was so called Gray Jedi. That mean that similarly like Mace Windu he know some Dark Side skills or/and disagreed with council but without abandoning Jedi code. In fact that spirit form from move was life creation of Qui-Gon Jun, what suggest that it wasn’t exactly Light Side. Anyway point is that core Jedi philosophy was flawed as simply some people are capable to control own emotions so abandoning them isn’t always reasonable even if some other people can’t and that is why they crate that Dark/Light SIde ideology on the first place.

  6. One point of criticism. Yes, Luke has faith in his father. But it isn’t blind faith, it is informed faith. He sensed that there was still good in him, and so he had reason to believe that his father could return to the light side of the Force. It was already clear that Vader was in doubt when he and Luke talked on Endor in RotJ. He went to confront the Emperor, not because he wanted to get himself killed, but because he knew there was a chance to save his father.

  7. This is my favorite Star Wars episode. I always saw Luke as hopeful but that’s similar to faith so I still win. πŸ˜€ Also, so yeah, even if The Force Awakens is bad, it at least won’t be as bad as the Phantom Menace.

  8. Well it was the 80’s a post-hippie time but a time when the hippie peace movement was still a fresh living just a whilev ago memory, and I think Luke Skywalker is a non-vengeful boyscout Communist of the best kind there is you know like Jesus but that was the idea without making him look like a Communist in the American audiences eyes at that time in the mind and heart I’m sure of George Lucas.

  9. You Americans should never forget (and I’m sure many of you don’t especially Baby Boomers which Lucas is one of you) that the original Star Wars trilogy that came out between 1977 and 83 was the height of the Cold War so this franchise could have been easily looked like pro-Communist or pro-Socialist Utopia propaganda mixed with Buddhist mystical religion or something like that in your Capitalist system eyes, really think about it. Star Wars Rebels and Jedis are more akin to Communists or Socialists or other Left-Wing Utopiasts than tro greedy Fascist Capitalist or Monopolists Imperials and Siths. But the real reason why George Lucas went beyond our solar system galaxy so to speak was because of the Counter-Cultural era movement that produced more realistic, anti-heroic, gritty, downbeat, disaster films that continuesly told and showed not just more realty but also portrayed more of the ugly side of life in the USA no doubt, and he wanted a more upbeat patriotic fantasy disguised as Science Fiction to make American citizens more patriotic, so Star Wars you might say saved American society from collapsing into complete anarchy caused by the rapidly expanding Counter-Cultural movement and your defeat in the Vietnam War (1964-1975). Even many Russians believe that President Ronald Reagan personally financed George Lucas’s Return of the Jedi film but I and most of us Russians these days know it’s not true. Still I might believe if we Russian people had made something like Star Wars, maybe our own Soviet Union would have not collapsed in 1991 or Gorbachov’s Perestroika would have been stopped by the realized will of the people as well as the Communist Party.

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