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In the final movie of the HalloweenTown series, Marnie goes to college, but not before being recast.

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  1. God I hated this one. Hell, the third one got a pass and served as a… decent enough conclusion

    A villain with NO LINK to Marni or the Cromwell family
    The fact that for some unknown reason (it makes no sense) Gwen is re-married (and SINGLE) and now they’re the Piper family.
    Only a cameo by Aggie (Debbie Reynolds and Aggie and her antics and kookiness were a highlight of the first three movies)

    • Actually, they’ve been the Piper family since the first movie. Aggie’s last name is Cromwell, and as such Cromwell is Gwen’s MAIDEN NAME. Her husband (Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie’s father) had the last name Piper. As such, Gwen and the kids’ last name is Piper, as it has been since the begining. It’s just that they are collectively referred to as the “Cromwell Family” because of their relation to Aggie and having Cromwell blood.

      Also, the link is that The Dominion has been trying to steal the gift from the family since Aggie was a young woman (a very long time ago, judging by the scene in the past.

      All that said, this movie is still terrible.

  2. You should have used that “Hocus Pocus” clip at the ugly scene.

    Besides, I want to get the little, rat-faced kid that called me-
    Oh don’t say it! Don’t even say it.

  3. lilith_ascennding

    Wow, glad I never watched this one. This looks horrible. Loved the Bill Cipher reference too 😀

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    First of all things did not expect this video to come out on Halloween but I’m glad you did cause it fits the mood(and at least this ones in Halloweentown). Second I counted the moments you liked in the movie and it’s 21 plus all the other parts you enjoyed(that you didn’t mention but that’s fine). Third and lastly of all thanks for addressing the black screens since that was very odd and out of place. This one though it seems like I’d be bored by it but I’ll give it a chance and watch it sometime soon(probably not today cause I have a Halloween party but sometime). I really love your videos and glad to see your getting the most comments so far. Enjoy your Halloween and make it a good one.

  5. I watched this last night and it wasn’t that bad

  6. actually no this was terrible

  7. WAIT! If ethan is mortal, then how did he get into Witch U

  8. Granted I stopped watching Halloween Town after Halloween Town High, due to rather obvious reasons there, Return to Halloween Town just never caught my interest.

    With that said, they could have easily pulled off the joke from George of the Jungle 2, on how they re-casted the main character. It would have been a funny joke, or atleast in act 1 anyway. Then again, I guess I am trying to make a Disney tv movie better than it actually is, as you can have so much fun with the lack of continuity with the Halloween Town movies.

  9. 1:40 – Why is Marnie the Cromwell of great power? Sophie was the most natural at using magic in the 1st movie.

    3:25 – As opposed to when that council wanted to strip the Cromwells of their magic.

    6:25 – All of her kids? What happened the 3rd one?

    7:55 – So use of magic isn’t allowed but falling victim to magic is also punished.

    13:05 – Why did they leave the library to continue the conversation?
    So he knows the gift is in the box but not what the gift is. He learned nothing.
    If only they knew some way to travel through time they could ask Splendora what the gift was. Maybe a spell or doorway containing a black hole.

    17:50 – They actually use it.

    20:10 – Why would you open it? The whole point was to keep it locked away.

    So nothing comes of the Agatha thing.

    There was nothing special about Marnie to make her the one to open the box other than she went back in time and got the key. If anyone else had gone back in time they would have been the one spoken of in the prophesy.

    • I believe Marnie is special because she appears to be a convenient clone of young Aggie with a different hair color and without the ridiculous outfit. 😛

  10. Acetylsalicilique

    You know what’s funny ? You called Rogue “Snape”. Well, guess what Snape’s name is in the French version ? Yup.

  11. To be fair, for a chosen one plotline this one certainly ended up making a lot more sense than usual ones.

    Why was she the chosen one who could open the chest? Because she’ll go back in time, get the key and then return to the present. Until she does that, no one else can open the box. So… yeah, working with predestination time travel it works.

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