Reverend Popoff Strikes Again! – MikeJ

Reverend Peter Popoff obviously wasn’t satisfied with my last returned letter, so what does he have to say for himself this time?

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  1. Man, you really don’t care, do you?
    It is obviously “reading” and he did not misspell “cheque” – he just wanted you to “check” one of the boxes.
    If you cannot follow the simplest instructions, how should this ever work? 🙂

  2. J Walter Weatherman


  3. Mike. Its called a prayer cloth. It’s been used for decades by American grifter evangelists.

  4. “Check” is the one and only correct spelling of the word, as laid out by the Merriam Webster dictionary. You know, the one that *doesn’t* have “[smiley tears emoji]” as their word of the year?

  5. Interestingly, one of the Stations of the Cross is a woman called Veronica wiping the face of Jesus with a handkerchief, and an impression of his face remaining on the cloth. The idea of declaring someones handkerchief annointed is not all that odd, then.

  6. Should have taped the freepost letter to a brick

  7. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good thing you didn’t send him money this time cause you would have got more(119.91 that’s a lot but guess you miss understood it). I ALSo didn’t know that ketchup could be used for clothing a seal on an envelope(I’m totally gonna do that next time thanks mike;)

  8. Obviously, you didn’t notice that the check box (I’m American so that’s spelt right for me) for ÂŁ121.11 said, “I am the One” so Popoff is obviously Agent Smith trying to secretly find where Neo is and we’re all actually in the Matrix.

  9. Didn’t it say you were supposed to put your loved one’s name on there too? i.e. Grace? I must say, hese vids are amusing, even to a Christian like me. I wonder if Peter Popoff will write back? We could use a third vid if for no other reason than the entertainment value.

  10. John Oliver did a HUGE multi-part bit on this, over the course of like 2 years.

    It’s hilarious, but of course he had the funding to waste on it.

    I’m really curious what you get by doing the bare minimum, or even less than.

  11. Popoff is awesome. Check him out in this youtube video

  12. There’s nothing against being cheap in the Bible. LOL. But, it was funny that he said that he read about instant healing in the Bible but didn’t cite any Scriptures at first. LOL. Also, I can’t believe that he’s asking for MORE money. What about the love of your heart? Oh, and I’m surprised that you don’t have a pen in your household. HUH?

  13. “Cheque” in British English.

  14. I hope Popoff leaves you alone Mike cause this is getting ridiculous on the second try.

  15. Peter Popoff just can’t stand up to the power that is British dry humour.

  16. After watching both video’s and confirming with my Boyfriend Professor Persona that you did not in fact put actual hair in the first envelope, I just want to say that that was a seriously smart move, NOT ripping out hair and also NOT actually sending it.

    Please excuse me for saying this, especially if you are a member of a religion that is against magic users, but it is a well know fact in Pagan circles that if you have the hair or other bodily artifacts (nail clippings, skin flakes, blood etc.) it is INCREDIBLY EASY to cast Spells on the owner of said bodily artifacts.

    In other words this dude isn’t just a fake Evangelist he’s likely a magic user and in my opinion not a positive one. If I may speak frankly this guys sounds to me like he wouldn’t know white magic if it came up and bit him on his black magic soaked arse.

    There is a reason that fictional elves rarely give out strands of their hair. You should never give hair to anyone who asks it of you, unless you’d trust them with your life! Thank you for making the smart decision.

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