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This month on review roulette, we take a look at the underrated classic, Final Fantasy 2.

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  1. great video/content. might want to look at the sound balance though, I had to crank both my computer and browser sound bars up to hear when you referenced the different musical scores. other than that technical hiccup, I loved the content and really want to play FF2 now.

  2. I’ve always loved Final Fantasy 2, and Firion was even my favorite character to play in Dissidia (with The Emperor, Cecil, and Squall not far behind). The Rebels’ theme is a timeless piece of music, and so is the Overworld theme, and I love the bleak and hopeless atmosphere throughout most of the game. The PS1 cinematic intro was also very well-done, and captures the feel of the game perfectly, if you ask me.

  3. It isn’t underrated, just simply it wasn’t released originally in States and so it was pretty hard to get through most time. But form what I know fans know that is one of the best FF outside six, four, and seven. Just most people don’t know more then FF7 or FFX though.

  4. Moviemantweeter1999

    I would love to see an episode were Ian talks about how to improve Twilight I think it would be a very interesting discussion. Anyways this was a very interesting one and I would like to know what’s the most hated game in this franchise?

  5. I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

    A good 75% of the review is just you sitting in a chair, talking to the camera.

    If you’re going to skimp on clips and visual aids, you’d be better off just making a podcast.

  6. FF2 was always a mixed bag for me. I didn’t get to play it until it came out on the FF chronicles collection on PSX and it took me a while to finish due to the bizzare level up system. Most of the time I would be beating my party up to raise our stats.

    I’m really glad the rest of the series didn’t keep this level up system since it was such a pain. The story’s pretty decent and is definitely a lot better than the first and third game’s.

  7. Gameplay. It’s not especially fondly remembered because of gameplay. It had the worst dungeon designs in the series, full of pointless empty rooms made worse by the high encounter rate so exploration wasn’t fun. It introduced Ultima but a programming error made it useless. The game at least ran and sounded better than 1, but it just wasn’t very enjoyable. I don’t know how much the remakes fixed.

    By comparison, FF3’s story was dumb and its main characters faceless. But it sold twice as much because it’s when the series first nailed running through dungeons and picking fights with everything that moved. The party beefed up in a satisfying way, new weapons and powers you got were always the hypest, and Bahamut never disappointed any time you summoned him to spit a nuclear holocaust at 20 Thors and Cerberuses. Being ridiculous but fun to play mattered a lot to a game.

  8. Mm, it did do a lot of things first, but those mechanics would need to be refined later on…

    For example, the weapon and spell proficiency progression system was lopsided as hell, I think it’s very telling that Firion’s appearance in Dissidia (the final fantasy fighting game for PSP) was a master of all weapons with only very basic magic, because that’s how it went in the game, you switched to the newest and most powerful weapons you could find irrespective of what type they were for each character in your party, and magic was a pain in the ass to progress.

    You ended up with 4 masters-of-arms chugging health potions and basic-attacking by the end of the game, not exactly the free-form “you can do anything!” system the designers intended.

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