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Brace yourselves… Meh-uary is here.

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  1. As some one who likes plenty of CLAMP manga it puzzles me why they even allowed this dull adaption and every other failed adaption of they manga to be made.

    • The answer is simple. It was first Clamp manga and OVA was made year later, so basically they didn’t have reputation yet. So at least in case of early adaptations answer is similar.

  2. 5:55 – GESUNDHEIT!!

  3. geez wuss, you ok? your lip is a bit.. bitten.
    Anyway I just had to see Shashi’s death to get closure… thanks to someone :p not too bad.
    SPOILERS BELOW if anyone cares. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-o8GBGmJ32Yw/UU9puHkdgZI/AAAAAAAAAto/3QwsNiZ7qYA/s1600/Ashura+and+Shashi.JPG

  4. This is kind of a ‘teaser’ adaptation. Fans get to see their characters in action (and will have the context for going on) while a random renter may go ‘hey, this intrigued me, I should read the manga!’

    Its not meant to stand on its own, which can be a tad infuriating when you cant easilly get the original manga.

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