Ride to Hell Retribution: Parts 3-5 – Lotus

Time to upgrade our fighting techniques and make the best bike ever!

Let’s take the hunt to Meathook, the man who killed our brother!

We need to get through an electric fence, but how? OH! I KNOW JUST THE TRICK!

About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. I was hoping that you would pick the leopard seat. The bike customization looks like the game’s only highlight, to be honest.

    That police chase was hilarious. I had a literal LOL.

    It wasn’t until this video that I noticed that Jake has a pack of cigarettes up his sleeve literally. How does that not fall out during fights and stuff? Lastly, during the third video, I came back during the power plant mission after dinner and I had forgotten that the mission was all to get through the electric fence. OMG. ?

    • Oh, this game has more LOL’s coming – you’d better believe it. 😀

      As for Jake’s cigarettes, I love how they never (or maybe almost never) come into play.

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