Riding Bean – Anime Abandon

By far and away, one of the MANLIEST old school anime to ever be dubbed.

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  1. Okay so Sage has new character who acts like Devil Boner. So much so that they could be related. Also i am pretty sure that Animerica has used term manime long before Sage.

  2. Oh man, Sage and his wrestling homages. I can’t believe he did that voice throughout the entire episode. I can only imagine how much Marc the Engineer enjoyed editing this episode.

  3. Umm…how much did you spend on shirts to tear this episode? I know white under shirts aren’t expensive but you ripped a lot of them.

  4. That was your most annoying episode yet wuss. Just oww..

    • Aww look at the internet troll trying to be badass while cowering behind his computer screen. It’d be adorable if it wasn’t so obnoxious.

      • I’m not sure you know what a troll is. Had a rough day, and decide to ignorantly paint everything in broad strokes? I’ve been calling Sage a wuss for years now, and will continue to do so. All thanks to his one lack of a certain anime on AA. :p

  5. This should have been a crossover episode with Anime Abandon…

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