Right Now by SR-71 – One Hit Wonderland

Whyyyy… why do you always kick me when I’m, highhhh….s

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  1. Emilie Bennett

    I have never heard of this band or this song, but it sounds like something I would hear during my elementary school years. Seriously, they were inescapable!

  2. “Let Go” was a good album, I wouldn’t put it in the same category as what Simple Plan were putting out.

  3. When you played this song on the piano, it sounded like “Our House” to me. Haha. I like bands like SR-71 but I’ve never heard of SR-71 themselves. Also, I’ve never been to Baltimore and I don’t know anyone from Baltimore but at least they’ll always have Hairspray. Plus, this makes me want to listen to Bowling for Soup and the like. One final thing: I’m surprised that that politically correct song didn’t come out in the modern day.

  4. Great chorus on the hit, but my God, “Politically Correct” is horrible.

  5. Big fan of the batch you mentioned…Blink 182, Sum 41, Eve 6 and SR71. Since I never moved on beyond CD era music that’s largely the garbage I still listen to and enjoy today. Glad to see something cater to my awful and dated musical tastes!

  6. Two things came to mind when I clicked on this video 1) I thought it was the “Right Now” song he was reviewing they used to use for the Crystal Pepsi commercials and 2) I don’t think I remember hearing this song playing on the radio when I was a kid, until I heard the chorus line, I just didn’t know it was called “Right Now” until now, that is how much the song was that unforgettable to me.

    • You made me sad that you only knew the Van Halen song “Right Now” because of Crystal Pepsi, especially since that’s one of their better hit songs of the Sammy Hagar era.

      Check out the full video for it on Youtube, it’s actually a really great video that’s clever without being too up it’s own butt.

  7. Dunno who reads these comments, but here’s some standard 1-hit wonder suggestions in case anyone needs ideas:

    Baltimora – Tarzan Boy
    Young MC – Bust a’ Move
    Ugly Kid Joe – I Hate Everything About You
    White Lion – Wait
    Till Tuesday – Voices Carry
    Cutting Crew – I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight
    Len – Steal My Sunshine
    Was not Was – Walk the Dinosaur

  8. This sounds like 90’s alright. Btw is house of the rising sun by the animals a one hit wonder? I dont remember if you did that or not. or even if it is a one hit wonder.

  9. I knew them from the failed followup, because it played on Smallville and I was once a teenage girl.

  10. Steve the Pocket

    Poe lived in Baltimore? That’s weird to think about. I guess I’d always pictured him as living in that fictional not-quite-England, not-quite-America country that all of Roald Dahl’s books take place in.

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