RIP Ellen’s Energy Adventure and The Great Movie Ride – State Of The Parks

Some Jerk With A Camera eulogizes Walt Disney World’s two most recently departed rides, and examines their history and legacy.

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Crossover Princess
I’ve only been to Disney World once. When I went I didn’t ride Ellen’s Energy Adventure. me and my friend were thinking of riding it before we left, but it was closed due to the fact it closes in the last two hours so we just rode Spaceship Earth one last time. We did ride the Great Movie Ride. We were in the front row thanks to the fact I’m disabled. It was fun and cool. It’s shame that they got rid of it, I would have thought an update focusing on scenes of movies they owned would been a… Read more »
Jon David
As a former movie rider, I am disappointed that they’re closing down GMR though I know why. The mouse is heartless and only takes, never gives. My biggest disappointment though is that, like you said, they’re giving us so little time. To work there was magical: You were surrounded by spectacle every day. If you’re going to do something in WDW, why not have it be a SHOW and not just loading people into a vehicle? We were the envy of many other cast members. I’ll miss the ride, only wishing that they had refurbished it instead of replacing. Thanks… Read more »
Steve the Pocket
Wait, so TRON isn’t replacing the Speedway after all? That’s lame. That thing makes the whole area smell like a school bus’s asshole. It’s really embarrassing considering that this is supposed to be “the future” yet there are car rides at other parks (*cough*Kennywood*cough*) that switched to electric decades ago, and you can buy real, full-sized electric cars at any Chevy or Nissan dealership. If I were in charge, I’d get rid of the Autopioids and repurpose the Peoplemover tracks for car rides instead. Not quite flying cars, but there were sky-high elevated roadways in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, so that’s… Read more »

He was impeached for lying to congress. Come now.

Alas, poor Great Movie Ride. I rode it once, Horatio. It was fine.